Book 7, Chapter 152

Transaction With A Saint

Don’t you think Hendrick and the Pope have lived too long?

Richard couldn’t stop himself from laughing at that statement, “You want me to get rid of them for you? Don’t even think about it!”

Martin sighed, “What happened to all your valour when you attacked the Sacred Tree Empire all on your own?”

“Valour? That was just an image. The Sacred Alliance had Emperor Philip back then.”

“So it’s true that you and Her Majesty are at odds?” Martin’s eyes gleamed.

“Heh, not really. She just isn’t the same kind of ruler, not to any of the houses.”

“Tch, I knew I couldn’t take advantage of a bastard like you. How about a transaction instead?”

“Depends on the conditions, but why not?”

“Alright. You’ve heard of Midren, haven’t you?”

“The Heaven’s Armour set?”

“Yes. Would you like its design?”

This question nearly...

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