Book 7, Chapter 147

The Wolf That Found The Pen

Anyone who should be hiding away better do so, don’t make me beat you up! 

While they had never met before, the broodmother quickly determined the source of such an arrogant statement. It was almost certain that there was only one possibility; Richard’s Master, the Dragon Slaver Sharon. She immediately turned around to fly back to the Land of Turmoil at full speed; Sharon’s target was obviously this valley, and staying here for any length of time was ill-advised in that scenario.

The moment Sharon’s message spread throughout Faelor, all of the gods suddenly got too busy to notice. They all had things that they just had to do immediately, rendering them unable to respond to the threat.

Thunder resounded in Faelor’s sunny sky, a lucky few beings able to spot a graceful blue trail crossing towards the north. The legendary mage was constantly blinking...

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