Book 7, Chapter 143

A Lesson In Love(2)

Watching Ensio fall, Sharon sighed with impatience, “I’ve been teaching you for so long, why can’t you beat a few dragons? There’s so many others in my collection that I haven’t even brought out!”

Trapped under the black dragon’s claws, Ensio struggled to stick his head out and yell, “You’re just bullying me! All these years, just sending dragons to bite me, how is that teaching?!”

“It taught you to survive under a dragon’s claws!” the legendary mage dismissed, but it was obvious she was just talking big. A loud snap caused the dragon to press down with more strength, making Ensio scream in pain.

At this point, Richard realised that Ensio couldn’t use even a tenth of his powers, which was why he was being beaten...

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