Book 7, Chapter 142

A Lesson In Love

“Hmm… this sounds nice,” Apeiron’s eyes started to glow purple, an indication of her killing intent. Even Julian quietly retreated a few steps as she looked at the youths that were massaging her, “You lot are annoying!”

A wave of her hand sent out a dozen whips of invisible energy, dissecting the youths into evenly portioned sections of flesh. None of the doctors and priests managed to dodge in time, blood spurting on to their faces and bodies, but they just froze up on the spot without crying out. A pair of them fainted in shock, but they had learnt not to annoy the Empress further.

As he watched from the side, Julian’s eyes glowed with reverence. Apeiron was the only one he knew to have such control of her energy; if he were trying to do the same thing, half of the priests would have wound up dead. Pain flashed across his eyes as the...

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