Book 7, Chapter 140

Loss And Determination

“You… actually…” With the dagger stuck in his heart, Raymond couldn’t even form full sentences from the shock.

“Killing you really isn’t what’s best for me,” Richard remarked, but then he shook his head, “But why would you think I’d act like you?”

“You…” Raymond’s shock gradually turned into understanding. He seemed to have something to say, but bloody froth started to spew out of his mouth until he couldn’t say a word.

Reyna paled and tried to jump to his aid, but after a single step she stopped herself and bit at her own hand to stop herself from crying. The other hand brushed across her abdomen.

Richard continued to match Raymond’s dying gaze. Even at the end of his life, the Scholar remained almost ruthlessly calm, as though his own death wasn’t worthy...

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