Book 7, Chapter 139

Bad End

Richard rushed through Dragon Valley until he was at the portal, jumping on the back of a Maranos clone that was heading over to the other side. A few of his followers that were chatting idly nearby saw him and exchanged glances.

“Master is in a really good mood today,” Zangru commented.

Phaser nodded in agreement, “He looks excited. Did he just sleep with some priestess of the goddesses?”

“Who knows? It isn’t really special even if he does. So many of them have been waiting for years; if they don’t succeed soon, the goddesses might just punish them.”

“Why don’t you sleep with them? That way, they won’t come seduce Master.”

“Not interested. Don’t forget, I’m the same as you.”

“We’re nowhere near similar!”


“Guys…” Tiramisu suddenly interrupted, “Why do I feel like Master just got beaten up?”


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