Book 7, Chapter 138

Prisoner Of War

“Something doesn’t make sense?”

“Eh? Oh, yeah,” Richard nodded at Nasia who had appeared at some point in time, leaning against the door, “The Dragon Plane is far stronger than I estimated. I had thought that a plane where Tiamat is a deity of sorts can’t be all that powerful, but it looks like I was wrong.”

“That isn’t because she is too weak, Sharon is just too strong. You wouldn’t be able to escape from Tiamat even with her being suppressed by the laws of Norland.”

“Hehe… Yeah, I’d forgotten,” he smiled mockingly.

“It’s really interesting, though. You always underestimate Sharon subconsciously and very rarely do the same for others. Sometimes your insight is surprisingly accurate, but with her… Such is love, I guess.”


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