Book 7, Chapter 136

Legendary Theatre(2)

Thousands of draconians were running around in the withered forest, building a huge magic array. Every warehouse nearby was already packed to the brim with materials, and even so large heaps could be seen all over. Dragons were regularly flying in to offload more resources, just the fact that they were willing to do this personally showing just how valuable the materials were.

Kralkalor was circling up above in the sky, roaring in anger ever so often. Every roar caused the draconians down below to shudder in fear; he had been violent and temperamental in recent days, killing his subordinates regularly. Every glance at the mountains of materials reminded him of the huge debt that he had just incurred from Bahamut; he would lose his beloved mate if he could not repay in time.

Mesmerwing wasn’t only a beauty in the draconic world, but also held a powerful bloodline. Her descendants...

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