Book 7, Chapter 133

Dark Void

“Those eggs taste horrible, Boss!” Medium Rare suddenly woke up, rubbing his eye, “There’s enough energy in there, but almost no lizard at all. It’s basically human, that’s such a bad taste!”

Ogres were able to somewhat analyse the composition of things they ate, with this ability only growing with both their level and mind. However, Richard smiled softly; the only reason this one hated humans was that he had been brought up by one. Most normal ogres ate anything from dragons to bugs and sometimes didn’t even mind plants. Humans were decidedly average for their palate, which was why the original word for ogre in old Norlandic translated to something like “man-eating devil.”

“Anyway,” Richard shook his head, “I agree. These eggs aren’t natural; they should be human infants injected with draconic blood with some growth catalyst.”

“But what’s...

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