Book 7, Chapter 130

The Judge Of Destiny

After taking over the valley, Richard set up a new array at the teleportation gate and stationed ten rune knights and fifty shadowspears at it. His followers were also placed their in rotation, at least one guarding the portal at all times.

It was in the afternoon of the next day that the first prey walked into their trap. A female draconian walked out of the gate and was immediately inundated with javelins, leaving the saint critically injured. The shadowspears rushed over to take her alive, but the moment the dizziness of travel and the shock from the attack wore off she used a technique that blew up her body and soul.

Once he heard about this, Richard sent a shadowspear through the portal to investigate the other side. It was ordered to make a quick visual scan of the area and return immediately, with an additional drone being sent every two hours. However, an entire day passed with not one of the knights managing to return.


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