Book 7, Chapter 124

The Prime Evil

While Richard had expected the enemy to be waiting for him on the other side, he was still surprised. He looked up to meet the dragon’s gaze, “So there really are dragons, and there’s a prophet here.”

The dragon just roared arrogantly, almost laughing with pride. However, Richard just chuckled as he swept his gaze across the draconians down below, “These people aren’t here to welcome me, are they?”

“You cannot take the coordinates away with you,” the dragon answered, “The invader must stay here forever!”

”Heh, you of all people should know that prophecies aren’t omnipotent. Do you realise where you went wrong?”

“Wrong?” the dragon roared in anger, his voice rumbling, “By the Prime Evil, that is impossible.”

Richard’s face suddenly twitched, “Wait, what did you just say? The Prime Evi...

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