Book 7, Chapter 123

The Land Of The Dragons

The old assassin’s name was Shattler, and he was the great-great-grandfather of Duke Zabal. The man had lived for hundreds of years and was one of the powerhouses from the golden era; however, unlike the three kings of the Iron Triangle, he was cautious and cowardly because he was the weakest of the batch. In the war with the gods, he had fled the battlefield and hidden himself away, only showing himself once the war was over. He had then hidden away and built up the Pearl Necklace with centuries of effort.

What Richard found most interesting came just under a century ago, when Shattler had chanced upon a natural passage to a foreign plane. That was a plane ruled by dragons, the source of the Dragon Church. The portal had been strengthened ever since then, only recently stabilising to the point that it could be travelled...

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