Book 7, Chapter 122

Death Of Ambition

“Silvermoon Palace?” The old man had never heard of such a place. Richard even noticed his momentary daze; the wound had dealt a heavy blow to him both physically and mentally. He already believed that Moonlight was such a powerful weapon that any legend would be cut apart by it, and that made him consider just what kind of background Richard himself possessed.

Richard had no plans to give him time to recuperate; the best way to deal with stealthers was to end them quickly. His left hand started to spark as a fireball formed within, going from red to blue before it was shot out like a bolt of lightning.

“The Star of Destruction… You actually…” Before the old man could even express his shock, the fireball was already upon him. He had to gather as much energy as he could to jump away, not bothering with stealth at all as he instead...

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