Book 7, Chapter 118

Overestimating Capabilities

Duke Zabal’s territory had a very beautiful name: the Pearl Necklace. Located at the foot of the northern mountains, it was sustained by the glaciers melting into a series of beautiful lakes that looked like the pearl necklace of the Goddess of Ice. These lakes ringed around Neverwinter City, the Dukedom’s capital.

Richard did not head directly to Neverwinter, instead spending more than half a day flying overhead to figure out the general situation. The Dukedom had a population of three million, with dozens of cities of varying sizes within. A pass over the place showcased no obvious spatial tears, indicating that no powerhouses had entered recently. At the same time, this was a strictly heretic state that did not allow the faithful.

He snickered; this would be no problem. While the combined efforts of the local gods had left Faelor’s experts oblivious, even decent mages in Norland knew some things better than...

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