Book 7, Chapter 115

A Pact For The Peak

Richard looked at three duchies that were marked on the map, “Gangdor, Tiramisu, take fifty rune knights and 500 shadowspears. I’ll give you the astral chrysalis and a hundred flying chrysalides, you have three days for each.”

“No problem, Boss!” Gangdor grinned.

“I hate the chrysalis!” Tiramisu muttered resentfully, “And Gangdor too.”

Richard chuckled, “The chrysalis was just upgraded, you don’t need to use any spells or get carried under it this time. And you know what? Choose one of the dukes, you can lead the battle there. How’s that?”

The corners of the ogre’s lips turned up, “Yes, Master!”


Once the troop mobilisations were taken care of, Richard suddenly got a message from the broodmother, “Are you a saint runemaster...

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