Book 7, Chapter 114

Soul Hunter

“Is this my path?” Richard muttered, unable to even smile at the revelation. The combination of soul hunter and saint runemaster sounded amazing, allowing him to gather a number of legendary abilities very quickly, but it also put him in great danger. Gods would hate him even more than they already would, while other legends would think it best to get rid of someone so dangerous. Of course, there might be some who would take the risk to cooperate with him as well.

“That’s all I’m saying. Since you have this talent, just walk down the path. You’ll face more legends and gods in the future, there’s no need to waste such excellent materials.”

Excellent materials… Nasia said this with ease, but it left Richard in a cold sweat. Once she left, he stood alone in the courtyard through the night pondering over things.

The ability to sense...

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