Book 7, Chapter 113

Path Of Legend

“My… my axe…” Gangdor stuttered, eyes wide open in shock. He didn’t really care about the axe— it had already been dented quite a bit in the previous battle and would be replaced soon anyway— but he just couldn’t understand how it had been broken. Even stuck at level 18 his aura should still have been strong enough to protect the weapon, but a strike without much power behind it had cut the head apart. Even a legendary sword couldn’t just cut apart epic weapons so casually, needing the power of its owner as well.

And yet, it had felt as though he had been holding a piece of wood as Richard cut through it, splitting the metal in two with an average sword. It wasn’t even like there were flaws in the weapon, or he would have found out in all the time he had used it. Even inspecting it...

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