Book 7, Chapter 112

Saint Rune

Mountainsea slowly awoke from her dreams, eyes glazed over as her nose sniffed all around her. She struggled to her feet, turning towards Richard’s makeshift laboratory, but the drowsiness quickly won over and she fell back down and started snoring.

In the courtyard next to her, the ogre lord had sat up as well. Medium Rare’s one eye shone brightly, “What is that, it smells so tasty! Do you smell it?!”

Tiramisu scratched his head in confusion, “Tasty? Why don’t I sense it? You’re interrupting my sleep!”

“That thing will help us evolve! If we eat it, we’ll become a legendary lord! I told you before, stop studying magic or whatever. We’re already strong enough, we just need to focus on improving that.”

Tiramisu snorted, “There’s been so many legendary lords in the past, but not one legendary mage. I want to be the first! My name will go down in history!”

The two heads continued to bicker constantly, their voices growing in volume.

Waterflower suddenly sat up from her bed, sweeping across her surroundings while on guard as her hand grabbed the Shepherd of Eternal Rest she had laid...

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