Book 7, Chapter 108

The Nightmares Return

Tiramisu was one of those whose attitude would never change; in his two minds, Richard was the most amazing being alive. He brandished Tenton and smiled, “Will those two come out, Master?”

“What does it even matter?” Zangru said lazily, “We can just kill them if they do. Do you think two legends are a match for our lineup?”

“But what if they don’t?” Medium Rare snorted in disapproval, “Then I’ll have waited here all day without even a fight!”

Richard butted in at this moment, “Heh, you’re in for some disappointment. They probably won’t be able to get out.”

Within the altar hall, the portal from the Call of Shadows slowly closed up. A number of nightmare creatures pushed through and tried to stop it, but the force was unstoppable and just crushed them entirely. More than a hundred that were stuck in the opening exploded, a dozen or so image diamonds...

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