Book 7, Chapter 105


The nightmare creature seemed to sense that it was detected, the black mist just phasing through the wall in an attempt to escape. Richard waited until two-thirds of its body was through before waving a hand, forming a blade of mana that cut off the rest of the body. The creature twitched violently in pain, but the part that had already made it through just disappeared quietly as a mana cage closed off the rest.

Floating the thing upwards, Richard took one glance at it before turning his attention back to the wall. Adding Insight to his Field of Truth, he saw a twisted trajectory left behind by the rest that he had allowed to escape. He had been curious as to what it would do, but now it looked like it had just fled the plane.

“They’re acting up again… Did Master’s seal grow weaker?” he raised his brows, deep in thought. He could still...

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