Book 7, Chapter 100

Fireball? Fireball!

Managing to regain his breath, Gangdor pushed away the soldiers who were supporting him and propped himself up with his axe, forcefully cracking his neck before shouting, “Ignore them, boss! The barrier is strong, but I’m sure it takes a lot of energy. I don’t think they can hole themselves up in there for long; as long as we encircle the place, it’ll fade out.”

The brute was right; a domain of such power was rare even in Norland. It just covered too much; considering Faelor’s level in magic, lasting a few days would be an amazing achievement that would take all of the resources of the Empire.

By this time, the rest of Richard’s followers had gathered up. All of the spellcasters started trying to analyse the barrier, with even the exhausted Asiris and Tiramisu making attempts. Meanwhile, the Medium Rare...

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