Book 7, Chapter 99

Capturing The City

As the entirety of the Frozen Throne was ravaged by the lightning storm, the Crimson Army began advancing once more. To the warriors on the city, the horns that marked their advance sounded colder than the rain crashing down on them from above.

The first to attack was an army of 10,000 made mostly of humanoids, shadowspears, and local troops. Many priests and mages followed at a distance, buffing them significantly. Even the native soldiers of the Crimson Dukedom were level 6 to 7 at minimum, a higher standard than the city guard of the Frozen Throne. However, they weren’t even a part of the main assault; their job was to carry a large amount of dirt and rocks to build a mound right under the walls that was thirty metres tall. The mages from the Empire tried to break it down, but the...

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