Book 7, Chapter 95

A Series Of Mistakes

The golden shields flew around Godfrey to defend him from the two attackers. Gangdor huffed and activated his bloodline ability, the giant axe cutting two shields in half before it lodged into the third. In the meanwhile, Phaser’s dagger seemed to pass straight through four shields before being deflected by the fifth.

Gangdor grunted in annoyance at losing out, but Godfrey’s eyes widened in surprise instead. Each of the shields was meant to be able to take on a sub-legend of Faelor without breaking, giving him protection from dozens of attacks, but Gangdor had taken out two in an instant. Even worse, the assassin had managed to get through a full four. In Godfrey’s eyes, both of them were only level 18, equivalent to a normal sub-legend, but one had the force of three of his level while the other had the power of more than four.

It was at this point that Richard’s fireball flew over, Godfrey’s senses screaming at him to block it with everything he had. He backed away, ramming Phaser with his body before redirecting his remaining eight shields.

The first golden shield cracked immediately, the blue flames almost flowing past it like a liquid as it melted away. The same happened to the rest of the seven, but fortunately the blue flame showed hints of red and eventually returned to a normal flame. The red flames blazed with a horrifying crackle, but they could only compare to a drop of the blue.

The power of the fireball far exceeded Godfrey’s imagination, its high temperature the bane of all metals. Feeling a hint of something familiar within them, he shuddered with fear as he realised he couldn’t afford to hold back any longer; a large golden palm smacked Gangdor into the sky, allowing him to put up a defensive stance as he stared at Richard with caution.

A faint blue light erupted from Richard’s body, not too eye-catching and even weaker than a saint’s aura, but it caused Godfrey to freeze up. He could see divine symbols floating around in the blue light, many of them extremely familiar to him. They were used to control the law of metals. This could only mean two things. One, Richard already had control of a law, which was proof of him entering the legendary realm. Two, he had actually mastered the law of metals, which meant his own power would be greatly affected in this battle.

How was this kid a legend? Before the Son of Gold even had time to react, Richard conjured another, different fireball in his hand. Although the surface of the fireball was covered in orange flames, one could see liquid blue fire with a metallic lustre floating around within. The fireball silently flew over at twice the speed of a regular one, leaving him with no place to hide. Godfrey roared loudly as golden light burst out from his body, forming a column from earth to sky. A number of shields flew out from within, but their golden lustre dimmed as the fireball approached and the intricate runes started breaking apart.

Godfrey’s heart sank; Richard truly did control the laws of metal, and it wasn’t just on the surface either. His own power instantly dropped by a third! The blue fireball went through two shields before its shell even broke, and the liquid flames that spread out after just melted his shields away. He poured all of his energy into making new ones, but it took a full twenty before the fire slowed down.

“The star of destruction!” he suddenly screamed in realisation, “Who are you?! Why do you have fire from the star of destruction?!”

Richard ignored him, starting to form a fireball in each palm. He had never heard of the star of destruction before, but it was likely just another name for the blue moon. The boost from the blue moon’s power and his own truename brought the spells to grade 9 power and grade 8 consumption. He hadn’t used all of his power in the last attack, but despite Godfrey’s greater volume of energy the density was low enough for him to break through it easily.

The two blue fireballs whizzed towards Godfrey, with more forming in Richard’s hands immediately. Godfrey was quickly exhausted, forced to use magic on his own body so he could take on the attacks. Richard stopped throwing fireballs after the sixth, but relaxing at the sight turned out to be a mistake; he suddenly found the golden light around him dimming as his control of laws grew unstable instead.

Godfrey felt extremely uneasy, his speed, control, reaction times, and defence having declined in battle. A black mist suddenly surrounded his head, and before he could realise what was happening he felt his body drop from the sky. It was divine magic!

The enraged Son of Gold looked around and caught a glimpse of Asiris retreating, bellowing as he charged towards the Dark Priest. Each of his steps covered a great distance, giving him twice the speed even as any soldier within ten metres of him was annihilated by the faint golden energy.

However, Godfrey wasn’t allowed to just kill the soldiers for long. A mountainous figure charged towards the corridor of flesh and blood, swinging a hammer straight towards Godfrey’s head. Godfrey drew his sword and roared angrily, a full-strength attack sending Tiramisu flying away, but he himself was forced back a few steps. The earth around him was transformed into gold with each step, but even with the tenfold increase in hardness he sank further and further. By the time he finally stabilised, he had to spit out a mouthful of fresh blood.

A young woman in weird clothing suddenly appeared out of nowhere, almost casually swinging a black metal rod towards him. Rage flashed across Godfrey’s face— the woman didn’t even seem to be a Faelorian saint— but there was a hint of alarm as well. How did someone so weak get to his side unnoticed?

The Son of Gold raised his sword and shouted loudly, meeting the woman head-on. She matched the volume as she pushed down on her rod, bright light erupting when the two weapons made contact. The sword actually started to bend!

Godfrey instantly realised that he would not be able to resist the sheer power behind that rod, one knee going on the ground as he put a palm up to support the weapon. His entire body turned to gold and bonded with the weapon, but even so the two were in deadlock for a moment before Mountainsea finally flew ten metres away. The Son of Gold just stared at his sword in shock; the blade had bent so far inwards that it snapped in two!

The gold on Godfrey’s face faded away as he turned pale, his throat bobbing up and down as blood threatened to spill from his mouth.

On the other hand, Richard flew down from the sky to help Mountainsea up, “How was it?”

The barbarian girl shook her head a few times, “A little dizzy…”

Godfrey’s face filled with rage once more. His fierce defence only left the girl a little dizzy?

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