Book 7, Chapter 93


Having repressed himself for a long time, Raymond finally grabbed the opportunity before him to break the chains binding the broodmother. If she went out of control, it would be an unmitigated disaster that Richard had no way to deal with; he himself had gotten her to strengthen her survivability with her level 10 advancement, simply making things much more dangerous.

He laughed repeatedly, but that loss of control only lasted a few moments. Even the smile quickly faded away as he returned to his seat, returning to his usual, gentle self. Even pent-up emotions over years could be vented quickly by someone of his calibre.

The Scholars of Soremburg were notorious for their objective views of the world. After years spent in the organisation, they had no grasp of the difference between impartiality and cold blood. Raymond pulled open the window out of habit, looking at the crimson sky and the heavy carts...

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