Book 7, Chapter 91

World Of Millions

Looking at the imperial capital where the skies looked like a disaster had just occurred, Richard muttered under his breath, “I still feel like this entire thing with blood sacrifices and souls is a huge price to pay. It doesn’t even seem stable.”

“At least it might succeed,” Nasia said sarcastically, “The person being teleported can take care of the instability. Who’d want to explore the void if they aren’t even legendary? Faelor might be primal, but their strength is at least their own. And you? You can teleport legions between planes at an incredibly low price, but what if the Eternal Dragon stops taking care of you? Forget everything else, will you even be able to return to Norland by yourself?”

“I have the coor…dinates,” Richard trailed off. He could be considered a master at planar geometry now, but even...

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