Book 7, Chapter 88

For The Empire

Richard raised his hand and a thousand shadowspears broke out of formation, charging forward at the few imperial soldiers left.

“FOR THE EMPIRE!” a veteran shouted loudly, his brethren quickly joining him. However, a black wave crashed across and drowned them all; the veterans showcased surprising grit in their attempt to hold on, but in only a minute there was no one left standing.

Richard had the cloned brain turn around, heading northeast. At the same time, the Thinker commanded all of the magic mounts to activate their bloodline abilities, increasing their speed, power, and endurance substantially. The price for this boost would be half a year of lifespan, but it allowed the cavalry to sustain a speed that was normally only reserved for full charges.


Rislant had travelled at a sluggish pace for less than ten minutes before a new thought struck his mind; just why...

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