Book 7, Chapter 87

War Won With Gold

There was a little interlude amidst the war where six sub-legends of the Empire tried to attack Richard together. It was an intense fight in mid-air, but all six of them ended up dying with Richard not even suffering injuries. It was only then that Rislant realised that Tiramisu, Waterflower, Phaser, and Gangdor weren’t the only powerhouses to be afraid of; the Crimson Duke himself was the strongest of them all.

The battle at Godstear Pass finally came to an end, the results exceeding the most audacious expectations anyone could have come up with. 400,000 soldiers had been completely and utterly defeated by an army a fifth of their size with almost no losses to speak of. Richard had used up 500,000 explosive arrows during the entire battle, and with each one costing nearly a hundred gold...

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