Book 7, Chapter 84

The Battle Of Godstear Pass

The citizens of the Empire couldn’t believe the news when they heard that Prince Salwyn was now fighting under the Crimson Duke’s banner. He had always been the one most bent on going to war with Richard, so for him to turncoat so easily made no sense. Those from all walks of life started cursing him for his treachery, discussing how Rislant would defeat his rival head to head.

The magical map in Richard’s carriage changed on a daily basis, showing a red tide flowing into the vast lands of the Empire and surging towards the capital. A few black lines charged at them from time to time, attempting to block their advance, but all manner of guerilla warfare did little to curb the steady assault. Richard’s troops advanced six hours a day, covering a total of sixty kilometres before making camp; no challengers affected their path.

It was at the Godstear Pass that they met their...

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