Book 7, Chapter 83

The Two Stars Of The Empire

To combat the army of 100,000, we need to dispatch 500,000 soldiers.

Such an implication was almost comical, but nobody laughed. Salwyn had once claimed he could take on Richard when he had three times the troops, but the other generals would need fivefold. The Emperor sighed deeply, “We’ve lost Salwyn to Richard. Even if I get that many together, who will lead them?”

The marshal hesitated for a moment before probing, “Your Majesty, Lord Rislant might be able to step up to the task.”

Rislant was once considered on par with Salwyn, another star of the Empire, but his unwillingness to battle Richard had greatly diminished his standing. Still, the Emperor nodded slowly, “Alright, pass the decree; Rislant is to return to the capital within three days. Make sure the messenger gets...

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