Book 7, Chapter 78


A cloned brain flew over and landed in front of Richard, who leapt onto it in one graceful movement. Nasia did the same from behind him, after which the drone promptly flew towards the borders. Being much faster than the astral chrysalis and flying chrysalides, they reached the base when the reinforcements were still more than a hundred kilometres away.

However, by that point Salwyn’s vanguard was less than ten. To make matters worse, only 3,000 soldiers had managed to reinforce the base while the rest of the troops had been delayed along the way. The base was rather crude as well, the few walls of pitiful height with shallow pits scattered all around.

The soldiers that had just gotten here were making efficient use of their time, wolfing down their rations with big bites. A young mage from the Deepblue had come...

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