Book 7, Chapter 73


Both of the conversing youths were grandchildren of Duke Grasberg; while they didn’t have the same status as Zim, they had full access to Mirrorlake Castle. While the servants made sure to remain as quiet as possible near Zim’s section of the castle, they didn’t really suffer from the same restrictions anymore. The rule had been set up to avoid disturbing Zim’s slumber, but after years with no sign of him waking up anytime soon things had grown more relaxed.

“Richard… summoning… warriors…” Zim constantly repeated on the bed, his speech growing faster and faster as his eyes started racing around underneath their lids. His pale skin that had grown almost ashen in his sleep was starting to flash pink.

The antique porcelain on the shelves started to shake, one jar eventually even lifting into the sky. The two youths maintained their conversation at first, but eventually one of them noticed and yelped loudly. The other soon realised the change, noticing other objects starting to float into the sky as well. Panic only intensified by their own bodies growing lighter and starting to float, they eventually screamed in fright.

The two boys were each level 10, but this was the first time they had witnessed the gravity around them disappeared. Noticing that a flowerpot at the end of the corridor was still in place, they quickly concluded that this was some sort of spell formation and tried to counter it with their internal energy. However, it was all in vain.

All of Mirrorlake Castle suddenly stirred as a powerful beam of light charged into the clouds, pulsing energy that caused every strong warrior to shiver. This was the mark of someone advancing to become a guardian-level being!

The items in the bedroom started floating around with no rhyme nor reason, gravity having completely disappeared outside of Zim and his bed. He was still fast asleep, continuing to chant the few words he had heard, but his breaths were growing more and more urgent. Every time some pink flashed on his skin, the gravity in the room changed. As his voice got louder and louder, the two youths nearby finally realised that he was waking up.

“RICHARD!” Zim suddenly yelled, sitting up from his bed at once. He opened his eyes and looked around in a daze, “Where… Where am I? Invaders! Fire! No… is this Mirrorlake? Why am I here? Who’s there? Who said Sir Richard is summoning his warriors?

The words were slow at first, his eyes half-closed in his drowsiness, but the objects in his surroundings switched from floating to flying around in random directions. The gravity grew extremely unstable, flower pots smashing into pieces against the wall while the two youths outside shrieked in pain. They couldn’t manage to escape the field no matter what they did, so they were dragged around with the changes as they smashed into the floor, walls, and ceiling repeatedly.

In the room, Zim stared blankly at the flying items, barely avoiding a flower pot that was zooming towards his head. The gravity grew even more chaotic, but a melodious voice suddenly rang out from the corridor, “Is my little darling awake? Look at this beautiful scene! Look at this chair flying by! It’s him, it’s definitely him! I’m coming, darling, I’m coming! You must be dying to see me!”

A huge woman who was nearly two metres tall rushed into the area, her long, pleated skirt seemingly large enough for a baby elephant to fit beneath. One could consider her a natural beauty, but all of her features were buried under layers of white makeup and scarlet lipstick.

One of the two youths who were trying their hardest to not break bones cried out, “Lady Katrina, be careful! This region is extremely… strange.”

Countess Katrina had already rushed into the area before he was even done. Her tall figure floated into the sky, but she quickly landed back on the ground with a loud thud, “Wait for me, darling!”

The Countess looked like a charging mammoth as she pushed through the corridor all the way to the bedroom. The two youths in her path were sent flying, slamming into a wall before passing out. Two servants followed behind her, almost hidden in her shadow as she entered the bedroom.

The dazed Zim suddenly opened his eyes wide at the sight, letting out a piercing shriek. The gravity around him grew even more volatile, the two servant girls losing control of their bodies and hitting the ceiling. The Countess yelled as well, her body floating into the air, but she suddenly jiggled her body and landed on the floor once more. Interlocking her fingers and placing her hands on her breasts, she giggled in admiration, “Such wonderful control of gravity, this is the hallmark of the unicorn! Ah, my little darling, wasn’t the beam of energy the mark of a sub-legendary being? You’re simply amazing, outstanding! How I adore you, my love!”

She leapt into the sky, a graceful swallow landing in Zim’s embrace. More bluntly, she tackled and crushed him in a bear hug. The sturdy bed frame creaked a few times before eventually giving in, crashing to the floor.

Katrina continued to squeeze Zim amidst the rubble for quite some time before letting him escape from her mountainous breasts, placing him at eye level and staring fondly as she planted kiss after kiss all over his body. He only came up to her shoulders, and even with his size he was barely more than a third of her girth; he had no way to resist her.

As Zim woke further, the gravity returned to normal. He looked at Katrina strangely, “Why… are you like this?”

“I don’t know what happened either. Once we consummated our love, I grew stronger and stronger with time. But my body grew bigger as well, and I’ve gotten to where I am. Ooh!” her voice squeaked, “You haven’t seen the fruits of our love! You two, go fetch my babies!”

“B-babies?” Zim stuttered.


It didn’t take long for the two servants to return with a child each; both of them were level 12, and without the strange gravity they moved like the wind. Zim was presented with a handsome young boy who was about ten years of age and a pretty little girl who looked five to six. They were both beautiful, but they didn’t resemble Zim or Katrina.

The Countess immediately pulled the boy over, putting him in front of Zim, “Look at our child, see how rich his bloodline is! His Majesty has decided to adopt him, he’ll have a dukedom in the future!”

Zim was immediately shocked by the sight of a small bump on the forehead, looking like a horn in the early stages of development. He wasn’t really concerned by the fact the children looked different from him— he himself didn’t resemble his father at all. This was common when it came to powerful bloodlines; they tended to change the appearances of one’s progeny significantly.

“How long have I been asleep?” he asked after gulping down some saliva.

“More than ten years.”

“Hmm? Then how did she come about?” he pointed at the little girl.

Katrina blushed, an awkward smile creeping up her face, “That… You were asleep for so long, what was I supposed to do alone? I found out that not all of you went to sleep a few years in, and you still had the support of your bloodline… It felt incredible, but eventually I got pregnant with her.”

Zim suddenly felt a little faint, shuddering to think of what other horrors she had inflicted upon him in his sleep. However, his mind suddenly drifted back to the reason for his awakening and he looked around, “I heard someone talking about Sir Richard!”

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