Book 7, Chapter 71


As Phaser withdrew and Link’s dead body fell to the floor, an old mage in a corner of the hall left in a hurry. Richard spotted the man leaving, but he only smirked and turned to the rest of the crowd.

The massive execution had ended extremely smoothly, surprising many of the onlookers. However, since Duke Myron himself hadn’t dared to revolt against this, these minor nobles wouldn’t dare to meddle in the matter themselves. The body hadn’t even cooled yet, and it was a perfect example on Richard’s stance towards provocation. In fact, this was the same stance the Archerons always had; nothing had changed. Making it a grand event was just to show that they truly did have capabilities commensurate to their position.


Duke Myron was staring blankly at the bookshelves in his study, specifically the section on history and philosophy. He barely reacted...

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