Book 7, Chapter 70


The envoy immediately grew excited at the prospect of finding Link, hurrying behind Richard. Rosie, Nasia, and Waterflower followed along, even Tiramisu shrinking himself to enter the castle. Richard headed down into the dungeons, heading through the narrow and humid corridors to one of the best cells in the place that even had a window at the top.

Link was sleeping against one of the corners, hands and legs tied in bronze shackles with silver chains. These antimagic shackles were meant to imprison mages, capable of draining any mana they tried to use. Despite being fatigued, however, he turned around at the sound of footsteps arriving. Disdain flashed across his face as he saw Richard, but he shut his eyes, “What do you want?”

Seeing him, the envoy quickly scrambled forward, “Master Link, His Grace has paid a ransom to free you! I’m here to take you back.”

“Huh?” the youth grunted,...

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