Book 7, Chapter 67


Richard first took a look at Julian and then turned back to Duke Myron and laughed derisively, “This is your backer?”

The Duke’s eye twitched, but he quickly nodded, “And what of it?”

Myron had no idea what had happened in Faelor, but knowing how dangerous Richard was he had summoned some of his elite troops as a backup in case reasoning failed. At the very least, he hoped to be able to obtain a public trial which would give him a chance to save his nephew. Julian was supposed to have come in later as a last resort, but the man wasn’t one to listen to anyone.

Richard smiled at the faux pas. The Myron Family had vouched for Link personally to get him into Rosie’s workshop; although this wasn’t a formal contract of alliance, it certainly would be considered a beginning towards that. To find them working together with a publicly known enemy of...

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