Book 7, Chapter 62

Horns of War

“How would you like a chance to become a complete being?” the broodmother suddenly asked Zangru.

The demigod fell silent for a while, contemplating something before giving his answer, “What do I need to do?”

“Become one of the Eternal Warriors of the Night. Fuse with Asura; it will become a part of your body, and I will complete your soul. That will rid you of your life as a bastard demigod, but your contract with Master will still be in effect. At the same time, you will become one of my own subordinates and my commands will supercede even his.”

“So what’s different?” Zangru shrugged, “I’ve wanted to give up this damned life for a long time.”

“Are you certain? You will lose your immortality.”

A bitter smile crawled upon his face, “Immortality? What is that even worth? A long life is just...

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