Book 7, Chapter 60

The Price Of Suppression

Besides the pen, the case held three little potions. Rosie didn’t know what they were, but the magic crystal vials alone were worth tens of thousands of gold and showed just how expensive the contents would be. When she picked up an attached note and read it, her hands started trembling.

The note was simple: “Mana Harmony Potion; legendary grade. For half an hour from consumption, one’s control over their mana is greatly enhanced.”

These three bottles were basically priceless treasures for any runemaster; unlike Richard, many faced bottlenecks in stabilising their mana output. This mana harmony potion would greatly enhance their control, allowing them to jump the grade of rune they could create when used during a critical moment. Rosie was confident this would let her craft true grade 3 runes, taking her a long way along the path.

However, even that wasn’t...

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