Chapter 99 - Chapter 16: Summons

Chapter 99 - Chapter 16: Summons

Felicia had taken a few steps away from the room containing Night Watch when she stopped abruptly and looked back.

Caitlin, who was walking slightly behind the group with In-gong, wondered what was going on. Felicia then opened her mouth and said,

"Hey, is there no time at all? I want to take a look at this floor at least. We might not get to look around next time.”

Her face was filled with regret.

Silvan sighed at Felicia’s attitude and called out her name with the tone of an aggravated older brother.


"Shutra, what do you think?”

However, Felicia just talked over him and called out to Shutra instead. Felicia glanced at In-gong who replied with a frown,

"As Seira said, 10 days is an ample amount of time. And to a certain extent, Felicia noona is correct. To be honest, isn’t it a little disappointing?”

This was the lair of an elder dragon.

Until now, they had been to places related to an elder dragon, but this was the first lair.

In the case of the Great Enkidu, it had been a place to store treasures  rather than Enkidu’s lair. Additionally, they hadn’t even visited Watcher Ainkel’s place.

Felicia’s expression brightened as In-gong sided with her.

"Isn't it? Shutra thinks so as well? Isn’t it a shame to just leave?”

Felicia was more emotional than usual due to her regret and desperation. It was pretty cute, but In-gong spoke without losing his composure.

"However, Noona, will you really just look around? My guess is that we’ve seen half of this floor. Can’t it be delayed for a few days?”

He could roughly guess the scale of the place through the mini-map.

Of course, he couldn’t reveal the basis of the information, but the group regarded it as true.


Silvan called Felicia’s name once again, but she ignored it.

Felicia folded her arms and shook her head.

"Uhh, won’t it be okay just for today? Amita... we can leave at night.”

Their transportation wasn’t a carriage but a flying ship. She felt sorry for Silvan’s crew members, but they could move at any time, morning or night. Taking a break wasn't a problem either. They could rest while the flying ship was moving.

Felicia gazed at In-gong with earnest eyes and Delia, who was also interested in exploring ruins, had a similar expression.

Would In-gong allow it?

As everyone paid attention to In-gong, Silvan once again felt isolated.

In this situation, shouldn’t Felicia be seeking permission from Silvan who was her older brother and the master of the flying ship?

Why was she asking permission from the youngest prince, Shutra?

As Silvan floundered about, In-gong sighed like it couldn’t be helped and said with a smile,

“That should be fine.”

They were supposed to return to the Demon King’s Palace within 10 days. Half a day wouldn’t be a detrimental hindrance.

Moreover, In-gong was interested in the areas he hadn’t seen yet.

He had achieved his goal after acquiring Kaltein’s Night Watch, but it would be a shame to go back with just that.

'Maybe I can get more information.’

The records of a destroyed species…

And information about who attacked Violent Kaltein.

Neither were important at the moment, but it wasn’t bad to know.

As In-gong gave permission, Felicia jumped up and cheered. Her face was bright like a young child.

“Yes! Okay! Then let’s look around!”


Silvan called Felicia for the third time. This time, Felicia did something worse than ignoring him.

"Oppa, can go back to the flying ship first? Do you know how to use the magic tool that allows you to breathe underwater?”

Silvan’s shoulders sagged at her words and he said,

"I’ll just stay with you.”


Felicia hummed lightly as she walked toward a path they hadn’t been to yet. As everyone followed, Carack patted Silvan’s shoulder lightly.

"Prince, cheer up.”

The orc’s tone was inappropriate despite being Shutra’s aide, but Silvan didn’t rebuke him for the rudeness.

Was it a type of charm that somehow couldn’t be resisted? It was actually comforting.

Carack patted his shoulders a few more times and Silvan stepped forward with a grim expression.


After following Felicia for three hours, the party accomplished a lot in Kaltein’s lair.

Nothing else at the Night Watch’s standard was found, but there was a considerable amount of artifacts, gold and silver as well as archeological data that was more valuable than gold to Felicia.

No records related to the extinct species were found, but In-gong was also satisfied. Thanks to being well instructed by the sword duke on dungeon exploration, he was able to get his hands on a considerable amount of gold and silver.

He already had quite a lot of gold packed, but it never hurt to have more.

In the final stretch of the exploration, they found a staircase leading down. Felicia made a pitiful expression, but it was impossible to delay any further.

He didn’t know why but Silvan was also sulking, so the dark elf siblings looked strangely cute and pitiful.

However, In-gong urged Felicia with a decisive expression and the party was able to leave Kaltein’s lair on time.

"Lift up the anchor and spread the sails. We are going back to Spider Forest now. Soar, soar! Black Flame Dragon ho!”

Silvan cried out towards the sky from the deck of the flying ship. Although it was eccentric, it was what Silvan always did, so the crew members rushed to depart without paying any attention.

Then after half a day…

Once it was close to dawn, the party was able to reach Spider Forest.

"It is insane to come at this hour.”

At the entrance of the small temple, Amita glared with sleepy eyes while being carried by Daphne.

Instead of asking, ‘Aren’t raccoons originally nocturnal?’, In-gong looked at the person standing next to Daphne.

"I’m back, Your Highness.”

"I’m back as well. Good job, Karma.”

Karma smiled at In-gong’s reply, but she looked awkward. She had gone to call for support, but everything had already ended. As a result, it seemed like she didn’t help at all.

Carack sent Karma a look of consolation and she smiled.

It was at that moment that Daphne, who was carrying Amita, gazed at the Black Flame Dragon with wide eyes.

“This is... Is this perhaps a dragon?”

Silver scales shone in the light.

Amita narrowed their eyes and shook their head from within Daphne’s arms.

“No, it is a sea serpent. The owner of Sun Lake was one, but he is gone now.”

Amita clicked their tongue, but they seemed quite satisfied. They asked the party in a loud and cheerful voice,

“Anyway, what happened this time? Why are you in such a rush?”

There had to be a reason why they left the lake forcefully and arrived so early.

Felicia came forward and replied,

"Amita, something urgent has come up,  so we need to go back to the Demon King’s Palace. There might be trouble which is why we hurried here to get Daphne and Karma. I’m sorry.”

"Huh? Return to the Demon King’s Palace? Then what about the equipment I have to make?”

They had just started the work, so there was no properly finished product.

Carack blinked and asked,

"Uh, Raccoon. Do you have something like delivery?”

"Ridiculous! I don’t know when you’re going to visit me again and I have no intention of delivery.”

This wasn’t a local blacksmith but Amita, the world’s greatest blacksmith. The mention of a delivery service was ridiculous.

Carack smiled like he had expected this and continued in a sly voice,

"Then how about going with us?"


"Didn’t you say that you have to defend the last flame? Don’t hide in harsh places and just come with us. There is no place safer than the Demon King’s Palace."

As he spoke, Carack sneaked a peek at Daphne. She recognized what he meant and added quickly,

“It is a good idea. Amita should come with us, yes?”

"Ridiculous. It is impossible! You are only good at talking nonsense!”

Amita’s eyes narrowed as they bellowed. However, Daphne, who had become familiar with Amita after two days, didn’t even blink. Her expression suddenly became upset and she said in a sad voice,

“I would like to be with Amita. Does Amita not want to?”

Although it was an obvious attack, it was a highly effective one.

In-gong and Silvan looked on with anticipation and Amita’s reaction was just like they had expected.

"Well, that isn’t it...”

It was only half-way. So, Felicia approached Amita quickly.

"Amita, I also want to be with Amita longer. How about Caitlin?”

“Yes, that... No, Amita is amazing.”

Caitlin’s ‘amazing’ also had great effect as Amita then grabbed their chest and flinched.

However, Amita was stubborn and persuading them wasn’t easy. They jumped down from Daphne’s arms and cried out,

"Aish! I won’t! I won’t be deceived!”

It was a fairly decisive attitude, but Daphne just sighed and changed tactics.

"Amita, didn’t you say that you wanted to tinker with 9th Prince’s equipment?”

“Huh? Daphne, what are you talking about?"

In-gong asked with amazement. Daphne then replied in a calm tone,

"It is obviously good, but it hasn’t been adjusted yet. Amita wanted to adjust the equipment to fit 9th Prince.”

She was referring to the equipment belonging to elder dragons.

In-gong looked hurriedly at Amita.


“Ohh, I still won’t do it!”

Handling equipment from elder dragons was a pretty big temptation for Amita.

In-gong looked down at Amita, then said suddenly,

"Please wait a moment."

In-gong headed inside the temple. Then some time passed.

As soon as In-gong returned through the entrance of the temple, Amita jumped up. Their face was startled as they glanced inside the temple and cried out,

"Heok? Really?"

Of course, there was no answer, but Amita heard something. Their shoulders sagged and they breathed a long sigh. Then they looked angrily at In-gong.

“You! What did you do to the last flame? Why did the last flame tell me to follow you?”

Amota’s tail pounded on the ground.

In-gong just laughed with a relaxed face and said to Amita,

"So, are you going with us?"

“Ohhh... it can’t be helped.”

It was the command of the last flame.

Amita disguised themselves as the user or manager of the last flame, but they were actually in a position of worship.

Amita sighed and spoke again,

"The last flame must be ready to move, so it is impossible right now. The separation isn’t yet complete. It is only possible to depart tomorrow at noon.”

“I understand. It also gives time for the crew of the Black Flame Dragon to rest.”

They hadn’t slept because they had been flying in the middle of the night. They had the time from now until noon tomorrow to rest until their fatigue was gone.

Once things were nearly settled, Silvan approached Amita. He did this because each person in the party was supposed to receive one piece of equipment from Amita.

"Excuse me, Amita, I’m also...”

“What? Why? Eh? What is it?”

Amita’s anger exploded and Silvan jumped back.

"Ah, nothing."

Amita was a friend of the sword duke, so Silvan didn’t want to anger them.

"Cheer up.”

Carack patted Silvan’s shoulder and Silvan nodded with a sullen expression.


The next day at noon...

After getting ready to leave the temple, Amita stood in front of it and hit their tail against the ground.

"Don't laugh! Absolutely do not laugh!”

Amita was carrying a small wooden box on their back like a bag. There were some unusual things carved on the wood, but it made the raccoon look cute.

"Raccoon is cute with a backpack.”

Caitlin said and the rest of the party nodded with warm expressions.

In-gong refrained from laughing and asked,

“Amita, is the last flame in that box?”

"Yes, so you should protect me well.”

Amita finished speaking and jumped aboard the Black Flame Dragon.

After saying goodbye to Kafran, the guardian of Spider Forest, the party didn’t delay any longer.

The Black Flame Dragon opened its sails and soared up slowly. After soothing Amita’s temper tantrum, Felicia headed to where Silvan was standing. It was because he seemed different from usual.

Despite the way she acted, she thought that Silvan was a good brother and Silvan and Felicia had a loving relationship. Although he might look normal to other people, Felicia knew that it wasn’t the case.

“Silvan, what is with that expression?”

Silvan tried to make his normal expression, but it was clearly a little different. He looked at a distant place and smiled awkwardly.

"I will be seeing Chris soon.”

It would be their first reunion after a few years of separation.

The Black Flame Dragon rode the wind. The place where the wind was leading them to was the lycanthropes’ palace.

It was the land with the 7th Prince Chris Moonlight and the 4th Queen Elaine Moonlight.

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