Chapter 98 - Chapter 15: Sign #4

Chapter 98 - Chapter 15: Sign #4

Silvan worked really hard. He struggled until late at night and caught 19 caltos which was about twice of Amita’s requirements.

Felicia rewarded Silvan by kissing his cheeks and his shoulders expressed his happiness. It was a happy night for everyone.

The next morning...

Silvan ordered the crew members to collect small materials while the ruins exploration began.

"There are three major ways to explore underwater ruins. One is to split the water while the other two ways involve entering the water.”

In a world where magic existed, mysterious and radical methods could be used. Felicia folded down one of her fingers and explained further,

"However, the first method is hardly ever used. The amount of magic power needed is too much and if it goes wrong, it can destroy the environment. Due to this, I mainly use the other two methods.”

As Felicia explained, Delia handed out a magic tool that looked like a bar split in two.

"It is a tool that allows you to breathe in water if you put the middle part in your mouth. It consumes magic power constantly but if you have the magic power, it can be used forever. I have prepared it just in case.”

It was a familiar yet unfamiliar tool for In-gong. It was used for support in Knight Saga, but this was the first time he had actually used it.

"Then does that mean we are going to use another way?”

"Too sharp. That's right. We’ll use the third method. I am a specialist in ruins exploration after all.”

Felicia teased in reply to Carack’s question and chanted a spell. Every time she pointed at a party member, a large air bubble formed.


Caitlin’s eyes shone as she looked at the air bubble around her. She touched the air bubble carefully like she was afraid it would pop, but it didn’t burst that easily.

Felicia, who had gained verification due to Caitlin’s little experiment, grinned at the air bubbles and continued to explain,

"Put the magic tool in your mouth just in case something happens. If you go inside, make sure to follow my lead. Got it?"

"Understood, Unni.”

Caitlin responded by putting the magic tool in her mouth. The rest of the group nodded and Felicia, who then confirmed everyone’s condition, started to move.

Felicia was used to exploring dungeons with a small group of elites.

The party included In-gong, Carack, Felicia, Delia, Caitlin, Seira, Silvan and Daphne, totalling eight people.

While the surface was golden, the water was quite dark. Felicia couldn’t see that far, so she chose a gentle light instead of a bright one in order to avoid provoking the creatures in the lake.

'I have to look closely.’

It was a lake where a huge monster like the sea serpent had lived. It was clear that not only small and beautiful fish but also various aquatic monsters would live here. It was psychologically quite burdensome to face a group of monsters in the water when they couldn’t move freely; this was the so-called phobia of the deep sea.

In-gong focused on the mini-map instead of the darkness to see if any underwater creatures would pop out. The mini-map was especially useful in an environment like this where not all of In-gong’s senses could be used.

‘Okay, this looks like the entrance.’

After finding the entrance, In-gong signalled to Felicia and started to lead the way. He had found a path in the water and, except for Silvan, the group followed In-gong without questioning it.

The entrance to the ruins that In-gong found was in between a large pile of rocks. Curiously enough, there was no water inside like it was blocked somewhere. There seemed to be enough air inside as though there was ventilation somewhere.

“Indeed, Shutra.”

Felicia released the air bubbles and made a sound of admiration. She had experienced In-gong’s guidance abilities several times. However, this was underwater and not on land, so it was natural that she was surprised.

"I will take the lead from now on. Felicia, give me directions.”

Silvan drew his sword and stepped forward. If it was just about combat power, it would be convincing since Silvan was the strongest in the group.

However, Felicia shook her head.

"Shutra is the best in this area. Shutra and Carack will be at the front while Oppa will protect us from the rear. I will be in the middle with Daphne and Delia. Caitlin and Seira will be behind us.”

Silvan seemed somewhat uncomfortable, but the rest of the party nodded like it was natural. So, Silvan didn’t object and moved to the back of the party.

After arranging the formation, the party started exploring the ruins. As it had been recorded in Thunderdoom Fortress, this was Violent Kaltein’s lair, so the space was big.

The party moved slowly around the ruins without any haste.

He couldn’t confirm when they were from but there were signs of fighting everywhere.

There were places where the ruin had collapsed and the bones of the invaders and dungeon guardians were scattered all over.

Unlike Thunderdoom Fortress, there were no remaining dungeon guardians or traps.

Felicia frowned as she investigated the signs of magic power remaining in the ruins.

“This ruin... It seems like the function has been lost for at least a thousand years. It is much more serious than Thunderdoom Fortress that had only been abandoned for hundreds of years.”

‘A thousand years.’

In-gong was reminded of Ainkel who he had seen at Enger Plains. She was also killed a thousand years ago.

The Great Enkid had left his lair for some unknown place, but what about the Violent Kaltein? Had he also departed his lair? Or had he been killed like Ainkel?

Additionally, if he had been killed, who had the strength to murder an elder dragon with the power of a god?

In-gong recalled the slab he had seen at Fort Thunderdoom. The four people standing against the six elder dragons...

Conquest, War, Death and Famine.

The last flame had said that the Knights of the Apocalypse were those who craved destruction and wanted to bring about the end.

If so, was it them?

Had the four knights killed Ainkel and Kaltein a thousand years ago?

If that was the case, why?


Green Wind called out to In-gong. In-gong then realized that he had been walking without realizing it.

The party was standing in front of a large mural.

In-gong couldn’t tell if it was a coincidence or something else, but he raised his head and looked at the mural. Many areas were broken or exposed to the flow of time, so a clear form couldn’t be recognized.

"There is some writing.”

Felicia approached the wall excitedly but soon became upset. They were characters that she was seeing for the first time.

In-gong examined the characters. They weren’t dwarf characters or dragon characters.

It was completely different. These characters seemed to be much older than the other two.

[Extinct Native Species’s Characters Lv1 has been learnt.]

A woman’s voice ran in his ears and In-gong swallowed his saliva. The word ‘extinct’ stood out in his mind.

Just like the mural, the writing was badly damaged, so no proper sentences could be read. In-gong read a few words in his head.

‘Riders of destruction.

‘Collapse of the six pillars.

‘It couldn’t be kept.

‘10,000 years.

‘The end ---’

They were all negative words. In-gong finished reading the words and looked at the mural. There was something large and red painted there, but the damage made it unclear.

The extinction of a native species...

These were records about destruction.

'Master, I feel a strong draw. Focus on the equipment of the elder dragons.’

Green Wind whispered again. In-gong looked at White Eagle and Earth Quaker. Despite the fact that they were separate powers, both of them showed a green, red and yellow light.

The gazes of the rest of the party moved to In-gong and he concentrated on the equipment of the elder dragons like Green Wind told him to. A path formed in his head and he moved accordingly. Soon, he arrived in front of a small room.

As In-gong arrived there, the wall opened automatically and a small altar appeared. Its structure was similar to the dwarf altar where he had acquired Earth Quaker.

“Violent Kaltein...”

Felicia muttered in a small voice. Above the altar, there was a dark blue cloak shining with a white light.

It was obviously an equipment of the elder dragon. The excited Silvan reached out to the altar, but he couldn’t touch it. He was blocked by an invisible wall.

Felicia wasn’t much different. She was also forced to take a step back from the wall.

Caitlin naturally looked to In-gong who stretched his hands forward with the power of Conquest. The transparent wall blocked In-gong’s hand, but it was only for a moment.

It was like with Ainkel’s dragon heart. As though it had been hoping to be conquered, Kaltein’s barrier accepted In-gong’s rule.

After seeing In-gong walk through the transparent wall, Silvan closed his eyes and tried to approach the altar again, but it was useless. This invisible wall just blocked his way once more.

Night Watch.

That was the name of the cloak.

As soon as In-gong reached out to it, Night Watch moved to In-gong’s shoulders. Naturally, Night Watch’s abilities popped up in his mind.

[Mental power has increased by 10.]

[Magic power has increased by 10.]

[Agility has increased by 10.]

[Built-in skill: Blink Lv3 has been acquired.]

[The resistance level for all attributes have been increased by one.]

[Flying Ability Lv1 has been acquired.]

[Awakening - Black Ghost has been acquired.]

However, this wasn’t the end. Night Watch recognized In-gong’s fighting style. A cloak was lovely but cumbersome for someone who fought with their hands and feet.

Therefore, Night Watch changed its appearance. It moved like a dark blue liquid and took a spot around In-gong’s neck and shoulders. It was similar to a muffler that stretched to the back instead of the front.

In-gong stepped into the air. He couldn’t feel any strength like how he would when stepping on stairs and instead felt like his body was floating.

'Ah, no. The meaning of my existence...!’

In-gong smiled as he heard Green Wind’s cry. Completely free flight was unreasonable, but he was able to move somewhat freely in the air.

"Once again, Shutra is the owner. I was afraid of this.”

Felicia laughed bitterly. Caitlin never felt any greed as she watched In-gong with shining eyes.

It was great that In-gong had found the artifact. Additionally, the current situation meant that it was impossible for Silvan and others to feel discontent about it.

Felicia had expected this and Silvan had been rejected by the artifact. So, he had to stand back with a sour face.

Felicia and Caitlin came up to In-gong as soon as he landed on the ground. Even if they didn’t own Night Watch, it was possible to look at it.

Silvan sulked in a corner for a few minutes.

Suddenly, there was a flash from Carack, Seira and Delia. Carack thrashed around while Seira and Delia pulled out a small pendant with familiar movements. After confirming the colour of the light coming from the pendant, they exchanged glances and nodded with a serious expression.


Felicia’s voice was somewhat uneasy as she was surprised by the unusual atmosphere. However, Delia spoke in an orderly manner,

"There was an emergency contact from the Demon King’s Palace. It’s an order for everyone to convene.”

Just by listening to her words, it was obvious this was a rare incident. Carack watched the light from the pendant and stuttered,

“Uh... the princes and princesses must gather at the Demon King’s Palace 10 days from now.”

Carack, Seira and Delia all received this as aides to the children of the demon king.

Carack looked at Seira to see if he was right and she nodded. Seira then told Caitlin,

"It isn’t a big deal since we have a fair amount of time to gather. Don’t worry.”

Caitlin gave a small nod. As Seira said, 10 days was ample time, but they also needed to meet Amita and then Chris.

"We will leave the ruins exploration up to here. Let’s return to the Black Flame Dragon now.”

Silvan spoke and moved out of the room. Felicia took a deep breath and glanced at In-gong with uneasy eyes. In-gong smiled back reassuringly.

However, In-gong was anxious as well as it was rare for all the children of the demon king to be summoned in Knight Saga.

‘The subjugation of the lycanthropes.’

It was the only incident that allowed the player to assemble everyone.

In-gong looked at Caitlin’s back as she left the room. Pushing his anxiety down deep inside him, he stepped forward.

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