Chapter 95 - Chapter 15: Sign

Chapter 95 - Chapter 15: Sign

[Name: Shutra Ignus]

[Age: 14]

[Species: Gandharva]

[Occupation: Protagonist]

[Secondary Occupation: Conquest Knight Lv2/Dragon Humanoid Lv1]

[Uniqueness: Prince/Conquest Knight/Dragon Humanoid]

[Properties: Life/Wind/Fire]

[Level: 27]

Strength:  86

Intelligence: 65

Agility: 65

Talent: 65

Persistence: 65

Durability:  65

Mental Power: 65

Magic Power: 65

Charm: 45

Extra Points: 38

Spider Forest had short days. He could barely feel the seasons as he wandered around the Demon World, but it was a time when winter was approaching.

In-gong examined his body inside one of the various small rooms in the small temple. It was strange seeing it after so long.

‘I feel like I have too many extra points. Should I start investing some of them?’

Thanks to investing additional points in strength, he could suppress Caitlin easily. What if he hadn’t invested more points in strength? Although he was family, he might have missed catching her or might have been overpowered by her.

There were two reasons why In-gong had saved his extra points.

First, it was to prepare for moments when specific stats were especially needed.

An example of this was the incident when he suppressed Caitlin using strength. It was good to raise all his stats as a whole, but it was better to keep some points just to cope with unexpected situations. So, he could invest the points when he needed to.

Secondly, he hadn’t judged what type of stat would be better to invest the points in.

This was the so-called maximum efficiency.

In-gong was growing at a fast pace and just with like Divine Sura Authority, it was common to learn new skills. Therefore, he might regret investing the points in one place.

'Of course, I might also regret it if I save the points.’

The time required to invest the points and increase the stats was at least 10 seconds long.

It was a very short time, but that could be a long time in a battle.

If he died, everything would over. It was necessary for In-gong to increase his basic capacities in order to face strong opponents such as Gerard and the guardian.

‘Let’s invest some and leave a few behind.’

In-gong made up his mind and invested seven points each in agility, talent, persistence and durability.

Agility and talent would strengthen Divine Sura Authority while persistence and durability would increase the number of times he could use it.

Altogether, he used 28 points and had 10 points remaining.

In-gong closed his eyes and focused on his own body. The seven points caused his existing stats to rise by more than 10%. If he concentrated, he could feel the difference.

‘I don’t know about persistence and durability. In fact, my skills as well.’

Still, he could feel the rise in agility. The trajectory of his swinging fist was faster and cleaner than before.

'Maybe I should increase charm.’

In-gong touched his lips involuntarily and laughed. He erased the youthful delusions in his head and activated the skills window.

[The King's Knights Lv2]

Level 25 was a special level, so several skills were automatically increased.

The most notable among them was The King's Knights.

At level two, the number of knights increased from two to four and the performance of Call was enhanced.

[Call: It is possible to summon a knight once every three days.]

The knight captain restriction was lost. He could now call other members besides Carack.

'For now, there is only Karma.’

In-gong wanted to try and call Karma but stopped himself. He didn’t know what Karma was doing and the restriction of once every three days was never light. He couldn’t waste it when he might need Call tomorrow.

‘I should be thinking about who I should add as new members.’

The first name that surfaced in his head was Daphne.

Although it was unclear if she belonged to In-gong or Felicia, she had already helped In-gong several times in battle. Furthermore, her spirits and abilities as a druid were very helpful. It was a talent that he couldn’t miss.

‘I don’t know if I can, but... I want to add Caitlin and Felicia.’

He would be able to use Call on both of them.

Almost half the calls he made to Carack were to escape from a crisis. By adding the two people, it would be easier to protect them, especially Felicia.

‘I will tell them about it later.’

If he really wanted to aim for demon king, he needed to acquire both of them.

‘Let’s check the situation.’

As the level of The King's Knights increased, the enhancement effect on the knights rose. So, that could be used as a material for negotiation.

Next, In-gong checked the battle skills including Divine Sura Authority.

This time he was able to invest his skill points without worry.

Aura and Arang...

He chose to raise Aura, so the amount of aura he had would increase. Additionally, Arang was the only special move that he could invest skill points into.

Even so, it was Arang from Divine Beast Authority, so it used quite a lot of skill points. After raising Aura, the remaining skill points were ambiguous. So, In-gong decided to save them.

‘I should train the smaller skills.’

There was quite a bit of progress.

After he finished checking all his stats and skills, In-gong closed the windows and sat down.

He thought about the story the last flame told him.

The Four Knights of the Apocalypse that would cause the end...


The woman with one red and one blue eye...

She hadn’t make any demands of In-gong. The last flame had said that Conquest was actually hoping to be conquered by In-gong.

In-gong recalled her; he remembered her eyes and voice when she said that he was her only hope.

Those who crave destruction...

And the ones who wanted the end.

He couldn’t believe it.

Was In-gong being deceived? Or did she really want him to be different from War, Death and Famine?

The Death Knight.

He had attacked Green Wind, the guardian of Enger Plains, and Kafran who was the guardian of Spider Forest.

Why was he attacking guardians? Was there some type of connection between attacking the guardians and causing the end of the world?

How would they bring about the end?

If it wasn’t that, what was the Death Knight’s aim?


In the midst of his worries, In-gong heard Green Wind’s voice. In-gong opened his eyes and saw Green Wind’s smiling face.

"Did you enjoy talking to Kafran?”

Green Wind had been with Kafran ever since he entered the small temple.

Green Wind nodded.

"I enjoyed it. Kafran is a very cute and good child. Rather, I smell something different coming from Master.”


Instead of answering, Green Wind brought her face close to In-gong chest and arms and started sniffing.

"Is it the smell of another spirit? No, it is a little different. It is different from Kafran. Is this the smell of the last flame?”

She tilted her head before hugging In-gong. This was different from her normal hugs. She rubbed herself against his body without stopping.

“Excuse me, Green Wind?”

"I am covering you with my smell again. I hate that Master smells of other natural spirits.”

With those words, Green Wind rubbed her cheek against In-gong’s shoulder. Rather than being embarrassed, In-gong felt pleased and he laughed.

“Are you jealous right now?”

“Well, I guess.”

Felicia would have denied it with a blushing face, but Green Wind was Green Wind. She moved her face closer to In-gong’s and her long slender fingers touched In-gong’s lips.

"E-excuse me?”

"The strongest trail is over here. I’m going to delete it.”

‘Delete.’ How was she doing to delete it?

Green Wind's face came closer and her breath reached In-gong’s lips. Unlike the heat of the last flame, he felt a cool sensation.

It was at that moment...


The door opened with a loud sound and In-gong hurried away from Green Wind. He stood up and asked Carack,

"Huh? What's going on?"

In-gong sighed as he asked the question. Maybe Carack truly was a protagonist, or maybe it was just the timing.

‘No, this is the effect of my Protagonist Correction.’


“No, nothing. I feel both thankful and angry.”

In-gong sat down on the bed again. Carack laughed and approached In-gong.

“Your remark is too exaggerated.”

“What’s going on?”

In-gong asked bluntly and Carack revealed the purpose of his visit.

“The raccoon person is looking for Prince.”


"There aren’t enough materials!”

Amita shouted. In-gong had gone to Amita’s room who asked to see the remnants of the black dragon.

"The black dragon’s leather and bones... aren’t good enough?”

"That is the main material! I need a variety of materials to make the equipment! Do you want me to just make shoes with leather?”

In order to create shoes, various materials were needed to fasten the leather together.

In-gong’s Dragon Scale Greaves didn’t only contain the scales of a red dragon but also light and durable unidentified metals.

Carack asked from next to In-gong,

"Huh? Isn’t Raccoon the best blacksmith? But you don’t have any materials?”

Carack stimulated Amita’s pride as they brandished a fist at his question.

"Your group has too many orders! I need to create more than 10 new pieces of equipment! It is the first time in my life that I have to make such a large amount in a short period of time! As the best blacksmith, I need to take the utmost care with each one! This isn’t a factory! There is also a full set! Puoooooh, a full set!”

In-gong imagined Amita sewing busily while sweating furiously and felt like laughing. He said reflexively,

“Thank you.”

Amita covered their face with a hand. They gave a long sigh and said,

"Thanks and if you want to get the right equipment, acquire the materials. Not much is needed since you have so much of the main materials.”

"What kind of materials are needed? Do we need to bring it from the Demon King’s Palace?”

Amita shook their head at Carack’s question.

"if you go a little further north< there is a place called Sun Lake. There... Why are you looking at me like that?”

"Ah, nothing. Continue.”

Sun Lake was the place where the lair of the elder dragon, Violent Kaltein, was supposed to be. It was going to be his last destination before returning to the Demon King’s Palace, but his tasks were now overlapping.

Amita frowned like they were uncertain about In-gong’s answer. They took out a tobacco pipe from somewhere and continued,

"Sun Lake has metal creatures wandering around. They are moderately strong, but they shouldn’t be a problem for you. Hunt a few of them. In addition to those, I will write down the materials that should be collected.”

Amita scribbled on a piece of paper before handing it to Carack. Carack frowned as he read the letters on the piece of paper.

“The letters are too small and are also a little crooked.”

"My hands are small.”

“Understood. I understand you.”

At Carack’s answer, Amita pounded the floor with their tail like they were frustrated.

"Hu, I am going to die. Go. I need to start the work in advance.”

“I understand. Then I will be going.”

In-gong and Carack smiled before leaving Amita’s room.


“Shutra— I smell something different coming from Shutra.”

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