Chapter 93 - Chapter 14: The Last Flame #8

Chapter 93 - Chapter 14: The Last Flame #8

In-gong opened his eyes.

His vision gradually cleared and he saw a ceiling.

‘I am becoming used to this.’

In-gong whispered as he blinked.

It was the first time he had fainted straight after battle. Although, there had been a few times when he had been filled with exhaustion after the battle was over, yet still had to clean everything up. Even when he fought Gerard, he had lost consciousness only when the battle was fully completed.

'I should invest more points in durability and persistence... No, it is an aura problem, so I should raise the level of Aura.’

His mind cleared up and he could now feel the warmth that was right beside him.

In-gong turned his head sideways. As expected, Caitlin was sleeping serenely next to him.

Felicia and Carack knew the effects of the Moonlight Core and Starlight Core, so they were holding hands like they had done at the lycanthrope house.

There was a dark orange light, so he couldn’t see Caitlin’s face clearly, but she was very calm. In-gong’s heart warmed as he gazed at her.

‘Shutra as well.’

Caitlin had said it.

He was sorry for having squeezed out her aura so forcefully, but she looked cute.

‘Relax, relax.’

In-gong took a deep breath and raised his upper body. However, there was someone attacking In-gong’s upper body.

‘Master, you’re awake!’

As expected, it was Green Wind. Green Wind hugged In-gong’s upper body tightly. The weight felt good and he turned to face her, stroking her head with his free left hand.

“Well, well. Yes, yes. Whoa, whoa.”

It felt similar to how he soothed Maybach. Then Green Wind complained,

"Your treatment seems different from usual, but it feels good. Continue, Master.”

It wasn’t possible to see Green Wind’s expression since her head was buried in In-gong’s neck, but he could tell what the expression was.

In-gong laughed and patted Green Wind’s back slowly.

“Yes, yes. Well done. It was clever to trick the guardian with your green light.”

He whispered proper praise into her ears. Then Green Wind raised her body and gazed at In-gong. She said with a big smile,

"Did you only just find that out? Nevertheless, Master is a good master. Praise my wits.”

She then burrowed herself in In-gong’s arms again.

1,000 years of solitude was scary. Or was this perhaps just her natural personality?

In the end, In-gong couldn’t control his laughter as he kept stroking Green Wind’s back. The texture of her long hair felt good.

“Yes, yes. Well, well. Nice, kind.”

It was good that Maybach was at the Demon King’s Palace right now.

In-gong had the mischievous thought as he held the beauty in his arms and looked around the room.

The walls, ceiling and furniture were all gorgeous, but the room itself was quite narrow. In-gong and Caitlin were lying on a slightly large single bed that wasn’t meant for two people.

"Is this a room in Silvan’s flying ship?”

Green Wind raised her body again at In-gong’s words.

"You’re so great, Master. How did you know?”

"I can’t not know.”

In-gong pointed at the opposite wall and Green Wind quickly turned to look. There was a big portrait hanging on the white wall.

The shiny silver hair, healthy brown skin, charming beauty and noble air... However, the most noticeable things were the eye patch over the right eye and the plump feathered captain’s hat. The subject of the painting was posing in a very strong and uncomfortable posture.

‘It reminds me of Napoleon’s portrait.’

In it, Silvan was wearing tight silk pants.

In-gong looked away from the portrait towards Green Wind again.

“The others?”

"Everybody is sleeping. The fight was only completed a few hours ago. It is now early morning. Felicia wanted to watch over my amazing master, but Felicia was also tired. She decided to rest based on my recommendation.”

There was one strange thing about the story.


He guessed it was referring to him, but it was strange.

Green Wind replied with an unconcerned expression,

"Meeting you is amazing, amazing. Moreover, Master seems to feel very good when someone says amazing.”

It was undeniable. Green Wind turned briefly to look at the sleeping Caitlin, then leaned close to him with a bright face.

"Master is amazing.”

Despite it being said informally, its effect was great. In-gong cleared his throat as he felt his heart beating wildly.

"Uhh, I won’t deny it. However, please don’t take Caitlin’s identity.”

"I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Green Wind laughed and raised her body. As she touched In-gong’s shoulder, she became half-blurred.

"Rest a little more, Master. Morning is still far away.”


The clock on the mini-map said that it was two in the morning. Like Green Wind had said, morning was still far away.

In-gong lay back down on the bed and closed his eyes. He could feel Caitlin’s warmth through his right hand as he fell deep asleep.


"Once again, I will introduce myself. I am 5th Prince Silvan Doomblade. As you can see, I am a prince of heaven who moves across the sky.”

"It is truly shameful... but as you all know, he is my twin brother.”

The next morning...

In-gong and Caitlin washed up with the water Carack brought them and Felicia and Silvan came to visit them.

Silvan glanced at Felicia who looked ashamed and clicked his tongue.

“Felicia, don’t be ashamed. As my sister, you also have my beauty and grace. So, you don't have to be ashamed of that. Stand proudly.”

He didn’t know why she was ashamed, or maybe he was just ignoring reality.

"I’d rather die.”

Felicia covered her red face with a fan and took deep breaths. It seemed like Felicia received Silvan’s share of shame. It was unfortunate that she couldn’t lament it openly.

In-gong closed his mouth as he tried to stop from laughing and Caitlin looked from Felicia to Silvan with curious eyes.

Felicia, who had barely recovered her composure, pointed at In-gong and Caitlin.

"Caitlin and Shutra. Silvan, do you know them?”

"Well, roughly. It has been a long time since I’ve seen them up close.”

Silvan gazed at In-gong and Caitlin. It could almost be seen as a displeased look.

However, Caitlin greeted him with her normal bright face.

"It is nice to meet you, Silvan oppa.”

“Nice to meet you too.”

Unlike Felicia, he talked to Caitlin in a more formal way. It was the same for both In-gong and Caitlin. Compared to Felicia, it was harder for Silvan to act friendly with them.

Silvan’s expression changed after they exchanged greetings. His eyes narrowed as he asked Caitlin,

“How is Chris?”

It was much smoother compared to when Chris mentioned Silvan, but it wasn’t that intimate.

However, Caitlin just smiled.

"He is very healthy. He’s doing well.”

“I- I see.”

Silvan seemed confused by Caitlin’s attitude. Felicia laughed at their conversation and raised a hand to Silvan’s shoulder.

"Silvan suddenly appeared because of me. While staying at the lycanthrope house, I used a long distance communication method and contacted him.”

“Felicia noona?”

"Yes, he told me that he would come see me. I thought it would take a long time because he was quite a distance away, but he arrived sooner than I expected.”

It was the reason she didn’t mention Silvan when they had been worried about reinforcements for Spider Forest. Felicia thought that she wouldn’t be able to meet Silvan until after two weeks.

Silvan pulled Felicia close and stroked her head.

"Felicia was exhausted. I needed to charge over as quickly as possible. So, I flew like the wind to meet my beloved sister.”

She didn’t feel any better despite his sweet voice. Chris loved Caitlin quite a lot, but it seemed like Silvan loved Felicia more. Felicia held back a sigh and said to Caitlin,

“I’m sorry about my brother. His screws are a bit loose, but he isn’t a bad person. He is just a fool.”

Caitlin nodded. In order to change the atmosphere, In-gong spoke to Silvan,

"You were a big help in last night’s battle. Thank you.”

Although the first charge had been impulsive, Silvan’s subsequent activities had been impressive. He had also taken care of everything after In-gong and Caitlin fainted.

Silvan raised an eyebrow at In-gong’s appreciation, then replied with a bitter laugh,

"I did my best, but... you played a more active role. You were amazing. I heard about it, but I honestly never imagined that you would be this great. It’s amazing.”

"Isn't it? Didn’t I tell you? Isn’t our Shutra great?”

Felicia raised her chin as she exclaimed. Caitlin nodded in agreement.

“Shutra is amazing.”

If Chris had been there, he would have asked why the two people were saying it. However, this was Silvan.

Silvan simply shrugged and spoke to Felicia in a sad voice,

“Felicia, this oppa is also great. If I take off this eyepatch...”

“I’m sorry about my brother.”

Felicia quickly cut off Silvan’s words. However, Caitlin was curious.

"Silvan oppa, what will happen if you take off that eyepatch?”


Felicia lamented, but it was too late. Silvan laughed happily.

"It is good that you asked. This is a special object that suppresses my strength. If I remove this, my true strength will awaken. However, that power is dangerous, so I usually keep it suppressed.”


Caitlin let out a sound of admiration and Felicia blushed as she shook her head.

"Caitlin, you should do it moderately.”

“Huh? But it really is great. Very cool, Silvan oppa.”

Silvan felt perplexed by Caitlin’s heartfelt admiration. He then turned to ask In-gong a question,

"That reminds me. Shutra, that technique you used— Chris uses a similar one. Did you learn Beast Authority from the lycanthropes?”

"Yes, I learnt the basics from Chris and Caitlin.”

"Our Shutra is amazing.”

Felicia boasted about In-gong once more and Caitlin nodded again.

"Even the sword duke praised his great talent.”

“Wait, the sword duke?”

Silvan’s expression changed instantly. He gazed at Felicia with a stiff expression.

“Felicia, what does that mean?”

"Uh, well... that...”

Felicia seemed distressed as she avoided his gaze. She knew he would have this type of reaction if the story about the sword duke came out.

Silvan let his gaze linger on Felicia, then turned back to Caitlin. At that very moment, knocking was heard at the door.

"How long do you want me to wait?”

Amita was waiting at the door with a sad expression. Felicia instantly turned toward them.


“Yes, is there a problem?”


Silvan knew that Amita was the sword duke’s friend and retreated with dismay. Amita stared at Silvan for a moment, then stepped towards the group.

"Are you both okay?”

"Thanks for your concern, but I am fine.”

"Me too.”

In-gong spoke first, followed by Caitlin.

Amita pounded on the floor with their tail and said,

"Thanks to you, I was able to defend the last flame yesterday. So, I will make you the equipment as promised, but we have some work to do before that.”

There was something else left?

While everyone had puzzled expressions on their faces, Amita turned toward In-gong.

“9th Prince, the last flame wants to meet you.”


“Literally. Follow me."

The last flame...

The sacred fire.

Everyone’s faces became shocked.

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