Chapter 92 - Chapter 14: The Last Flame #7

Chapter 92 - Chapter 14: The Last Flame #7

In-gong didn’t know exactly what technique Absolute Area was, but he understood it instinctively. Maybe it was because Green Wind, who dwelled in White Eagle, shared it with him unconsciously.

Absolute Area.

The green light from White Eagle became a translucent barrier. In-gong held Caitlin in one arm and used White Eagle with the other. Absolute Area was never intended for defense.

Despite seeing the pillar, that had destroyed Amita’s ward, heading towards them, Caitlin wasn’t afraid. She leaned back in In-gong’s arms and closed her eyes.

Finally, the pillar of blue light reached White Eagle.

It didn’t touch them.

He couldn’t explain it.

There was no roar. Neither was there an impact caused by the collision between White Eagle and the blue light pillar.

The blue pillar literally vanished the moment it touched Absolute Area’s green light barrier.

There was no noise or shock, so In-gong wasn’t conscious of it.

It wasn’t remarkable because it had literally vanished.

The guardian panicked. He put more power into the light pillar, but it was useless.

Absolute Area.

‘Did it mean an absolute area of defense?’

No, it was different; it wasn’t just that. In-gong started thinking.

The effect wasn’t complete yet. The blue pillar, that touched the green barrier, scattered into dozens of pieces and flew into the air. The fragmented blue pillar changed directions and flew toward the guardian like a rain of fire.

The guardian hurriedly withdrew the blue pillar and took a defensive stance. Some of the rays of light hit the ground around him.

Absolute Area.

It meant absolute dominance. Although it was only a small area around White Eagle, it was a space where In-gong could control everything.

It was indeed a super special move contained in the armour of an elder dragon.

However, one fatal weakness also existed.


In-gong wheezed. The consumption of not only his aura but his stamina was severe. Even though the super special move wasn’t limited to a number of uses per day, it was a good idea to only use it a few times a day considering his current stamina and aura. He would surely reach his limit after using it three times.

However, now wasn’t the time to think about this. As White Eagle flew in the air, In-gong drank a stamina potion hurriedly. At the same time, the quad-core was activated to hasten the recovery of his aura.

Caitlin grabbed In-gong’s hand and her other arm wound around In-gong’s waist as she did something unexpected with the Starlight Core.

It was aura transmission.

Caitlin’s blue aura was passed onto In-gong. It was a one-sided bestowal and not an exchange of aura, so his depleted aura was restored quickly.


Caitlin called his name briefly, but it was enough. In-gong understood Caitlin’s intentions and nodded. He hugged Caitlin tightly and released her from his arms.

The bombardment of blue light was almost over. In-gong rushed forward and the guardian defended its front with both arms.

White Eagle returned to In-gong’s side. The guardian could move its hands carelessly, but In-gong narrowed the distance in an instant.

At that moment, White Eagle flew in front of In-gong and an amazing thing happened as a green light obstructed the guardian’s vision. The guardian flinched and hurriedly used evasive maneuvers.

The guardian didn’t know what Absolute Area was exactly. It was impossible to distinguish between when Absolute Area was activated and when it wasn’t.

It was just a simple green light. Green Wind gave off a gentle green light.

However, this wasn’t the green light of Absolute Area; it was completely different.

That gap— a decisive gap had occurred because of that!


Green Wind shouted. In-gong didn’t want to miss the gap that Green Wind had created. So, he used Wind Style to catch up with the guardian.

The explosive power of Divine Beast Authority combined with Wind Style.

As the two were added, Divine Sura Authority had the same effect as magic. To outsiders, it appeared to be a space jump magic.

The guardian was surprised at In-gong who suddenly appeared before his eyes. Additionally, the guardian was already off-balance due to the green light White Eagle emitted.

Obviously, the guardian was strong. When looking at just its martial arts skill level, it was a little lower than In-gong’s and Caitlin’s.

If this was a usual fight, In-gong and Caitlin would be waging a defensive battle.

However, this situation had been created and the human feelings of panic and fear destroyed the guardian’s movements for a short time.

In-gong couldn’t miss out on this opportunity. He had to deal the strongest blow possible.

And what was that?

The answer was already determined.

In-gong formed a fist. A red and yellow light gleamed from Earth Quaker’s scales.

Earth Quaker’s built-in, super special move:

True Destruction.

There was a simple constraint in which it could only be used when both feet were touching the ground, but it was a deadly technique.

The trick was like Absolute Area. He consciously activated Super Special Move Control and Earth Quaker unleashed the hidden power with an angry cry!

In-gong reached out a hand.

The guardian felt desperate like he was facing Absolute Area. However, the distance was too close. Moreover, In-gong had used True Destruction which was an unexpected technique.


It was just a small force that was enough to move a small teacup or kettle.

However, that moment was enough to interfere with the guardian’s movements. An attack at an unexpected moment was fatal, whether it was be a sharp dagger or a small needle.

Earth Quaker reached the right side of the guardian’s chest. Originally, he had aimed for the guardian’s center, but there was a slight gap due to the guardian’s movements.

There was a shock the moment that Earth Quaker hit. The guardian tried to express his relief, but it was way too early.

True Destruction...

It suited the Great Enkidu who oversaw destruction.

Earth Quaker rotated many times and once it calmed, there was a huge flash. It destroyed and devoured everything at the same time.

The guardian screamed as half of the guardian was now destroyed. Moreover, that wasn’t the end. True Destruction didn’t stop there. It rushed behind the guardian and the red and yellow destruction repeated.

The ground was shattered and the bushes disappeared. There was a huge roar as the ground broke apart and the aftermath spread to other places. It caused a small earthquake that affected a radius of 20 meters.

The surrounding terrain was changed. Everyone’s eyes focused on this area as the earth split apart and crumbled.

It was like a giant dragon had scratched the surface with its claws.

There was huge damage. At the same time, the amount of stamina and aura consumed was also huge.

The guardian with the blue light fell to the ground and in the shocked silence, there was a loud cry.

It wasn’t one of mere suffering; it was a call. The grey guardian, who had been facing Silvan, started to run towards the blue guardian and In-gong.

Someone yelled and the silence collapsed. Silvan grabbed the body of the grey guardian.

In-gong stretched out his right arm on which Earth Quaker was equipped. He then stabilized his breathing and triggered the quad-core again. Through the link between the Moonlight Core and Starlight Core, he squeezed out more of Caitlin’s aura and watched the blue guardian.

Half its body had already disappeared and In-gong could feel the power of Death draining from the blue guardian.

In-gong held out his left hand naturally and used a familiar, yet unfamiliar, technique. He could use Divine Beast Authority, which had transformed into Divine Sura Authority, through communion with Caitlin.



He struck the guardian. It was a cry that couldn’t be called a scream.

The flow of aura was destroyed. The power of the blue light and the power of the guardian started to flow freely through the half of the body that was remaining.

Silvan had caught the grey guardian while In-gong was still looking down at the guardian who was in pain. In-gong could feel violent emotions coming from the energy of Death.

They were similar yet different feelings to what he had felt from Famine.

It was a poisonous and vicious hate.

This wasn’t as intense as Famine. Instead, it was very cold. If Famine’s feelings were a fiery anger, then Death’s feelings were a cold rage.

There was also a strange affection— a chaotic emotion that could be called ‘love’, rather than pure hatred.

In-gong gathered the power of Conquest in his left hand and the white Conquest suppressed the blue Death. He then grabbed and destroyed the power of Death, along with the guardian.

The grey guardian shrieked as Silvan had cornered it. After the demise of the blue guardian, the grey guardian couldn’t fight properly anymore.

It was just like when In-gong had defeated Mustafa or Balkarova. As the blue light, which was the power of Death, disappeared, the monsters lost their purple aura. Almost all of them lost their lives, collapsed or started to escape.

Silvan and the half a dozen people in his crew left to chase them, so In-gong’s fight was now over.

[Your level has risen.]

He had barely just reached level 25 and he had now gained another level. It was nice hearing the woman’s voice after only a few minutes.

Like a blessing, the white light that covered him restored his stamina instantly. However, his aura was still in a depleted state. The mental power consumption was so severe that he could barely hold on.

In-gong sat down and looked behind him. Just like In-gong, Caitlin was also sitting on the ground. Her face was pale since In-gong had squeezed out her aura to the limit.

‘Shutra as well.’

It was too far away, but he was certain he heard a voice.

Caitlin smiled with some resentment at having her aura taken and In-gong laughed back. He moved his lips to mouth the word, ‘sorry’, and Caitlin responded in a similar manner. The message was clear even without sound.

‘Shutra is indeed amazing.’

The two people looked at each other and laughed again, then they fainted together.


“Shutra! Caitlin!”


“Royal Princess!”

The rest of the party called out to In-gong and Caitlin. They shouted simultaneously and ran towards In-gong and Caitlin.

Amita didn’t run along with them. Instead, they gazed at In-gong from where they were being held in Daphne’s arms.

The last flame whispered to Amita.

Amita nodded and looked at In-gong one last time before turning around. They smiled without realising it.


"Once again, I will introduce myself. I am 5th Prince Silvan Doomblade. As you can see, I’m a prince of heaven who moves across the sky.”

"It is truly shameful... but as you all know, he is my twin brother.”

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