Chapter 90 - Chapter 14: The Last Flame #5

Chapter 90 - Chapter 14: The Last Flame #5

A battle with magicians was largely divided into three cases.

The first was an unexpected battle with a magician - in other words, a battle where the magician wasn’t prepared.

The second was a battle with a prepared magician.

The third was a battle with a magician who waited for the enemy within their magical boundaries.

The reason for separating it into three cases was that the difference in the amount of combat power the magician could use was enormous. It was just like how warriors were stronger when they prepared before fighting on their home ground.

Magicians who understood this principle and applied it to the world were much greater than those who did not. Moreover, the higher the magician’s level was, the greater the gap would be. In severe cases, there were times when the attack power differed by dozens of times.

Felicia was a competent magician and she had half a day to prepare. Furthermore, this was a limited area, so it was probably the best battlefield she had ever experienced with In-gong.

However, it wasn’t one strong opponent; there were numerous mobs.

Felicia had picked up a magic wand from Amita that could sense magic. As the night started, the power of the spirits were strengthened and illusions surrounded her. However, she had prepared her magic well.

She noticed the world through the magic spells as well as her five senses and opened her eyes, showing her great magical powers to the world!


Thunder and lightning struck down loudly. The crazy bear at the front was struck by the lightning, burning the bear’s brain in an instant. As the lightning reached toward its next goal, it grew exponentially and fell from the sky, striking nearly 30 beasts and monsters.

Once the monsters in the lead fell down, the others naturally rushed over them. They ran over the corpses of the monsters, but Felicia didn’t allow them to approach either. Following the lightning bolts, gigantic flames stretched out towards the monsters.

The fire didn’t burn the forest easily. Furthermore, the flames were controlled by wind spirits. Instead, the wrath of the flames swept through the monsters and despite being out of their minds, they had a terrible feeling.

However, as Amita had warned, there was an overwhelming number of monsters. Despite the fact that dozens had died in an instant, the seemingly endless procession of red dots on the mini-map never ceased.

The monsters trampled on the corpses and passed through the flames. Additionally, there were those who trampled through the forest and used illusions to create new paths.

However, Felicia didn’t panic. She still had a few magic spells prepared.

Due to the ground being spread widely with Grease, it had become more slippery. The momentum of the monsters was great, so many of them tumbled down. As they fell to the ground in rapid succession, some of them fell on their heads and broke their necks. There were also monsters who were trampled by those behind them.

Moreover, there were additional traps in the earth. Then once again, lightning bolts swept through the monsters.

A few minutes after the battle had begun, more than 100 monsters were screaming in front of the party.

Carack was wide-eyed and could barely suppress his urge to look back, while Seira’s mouth was wide open and Delia had a warm smile on her face.

The 6th Princess, Felicia Doomblade...

She was also a child of the demon king and a strong existence!


A series of rapid explosions occurred in front of them. They were the result of the last magic trap Felicia had prepared.


Felicia shouted and In-gong and Caitlin formed fists. They rushed towards the approaching monsters.

The massive trail of bodies Felicia had created was now part of the terrain, hindering the monsters’ path and limiting their attack route.

In-gong and Caitlin were blocking their way as well. There was no longer in physical contact with each other, but they still had a connection. The white aura and blue aura stretched out in a thin line like they were holding hands.

In-gong breathed in deeply, then focused his attention on a wolf-like monster running at the front of the mob.

Protagonist Body.

The growing rate of all skills he had learnt was accelerated. In-gong was growing during the battle, just as he had grown in every battle he had fought so far.

Up to now, his movements had been the same. Then he gained some new knowledge. He hadn’t known his body had been moving that way until it actually happened.

He didn’t explode his aura; he simply manipulated it.

It wasn’t the same as before. The explosive power of his aura had actually become stronger.

That’s how it was. This was the technique used and it had been created with a simple principle.

[The level of Explosive Power has risen.]

[The level of Lightning has risen.]

[The level of Great Mountain has risen.]

His skill proficiency increased suddenly due to the increase of his technical understanding. This was because gaining enlightenment had the same value as training dozens of times.

In-gong felt pleased, but it wasn’t the kind of joy that came from destroying an enemy.

It was due to experiencing growth. He was polishing off his techniques. This was the joy of strengthening himself.

In-gong could feel Caitlin’s emotions and that she was also pleased. The two of them shared this joy as their auras moved. Then while moving around, they defended each other’s backs.

It was like a swirl — a style that caught and crushed everything.

As In-gong remembered his clumsy posture when Carack first made him hold a sword, he laughed. Seira, who knew Caitlin’s usual disposition, also had wide eyes from joy and confusion.

Both of In-gong and Caitlin had strengthened noticeably and their team work was comparable to Caitlin’s team work with Chris, who she had been moving together with for a long time. No, maybe it was even more than that.


Carack let out a battle cry suddenly. Seira then looked at him and he laughed as he lifted the axe he had received from Amita. It was a fearsome magic weapon that unleashed a thunderbolt every time he wielded it.

Seira understood what Carack meant; it wasn’t the time to stand there with admiration. She felt humiliated by losing sight of her role as an aide, but she also liked Carack’s trustworthiness. Then in an instant, the blond beauty turned into a fearsome leopard.

Carack, Seira, In-gong and Caitlin went on to deal with the monsters. The process leading from here was difficult and it seemed like the number of monsters weren’t decreasing.

As Daphne used recovery magic and support magic on those fighting, she turned to Amita. Instead of laughing or being filled with admiration, Amita was staring at In-gong and Caitlin with serious eyes. They then whispered in a low voice,

"I want to make it.”

Daphne’s eyes widened while Amita continued to speak,

"I also need to tune it. It isn’t completely suitable for him.”

The equipment from the elder dragons certainly had great performance, but there was a lot of room for improvement as it didn’t fit In-gong completely.


Daphne called out to Amita with a large grin as she understood the intentions in their small voice.

Amita looked up at the laughing Daphne. They hit the ground with their tail and burst out,

"Well, that is a story for when this is over.”

"Once this is over, I will also expect you to make equipment for me."

Instead of replying, Amita just laughed at Daphne.

Meanwhile, Felicia chanted new magic spells to help In-gong and Caitlin who were fighting.

Some time passed...

In-gong, who was in a battle trance, stopped moving his hands and feet. Yesterday, he had dealt with nearly a hundred monsters, yet his level hadn’t risen.

However, In-gong hadn’t stopped in order to confirm his experience. It was because the endless procession of monsters had finally stopped.

He looked at the mini-map and saw that there were hardly any red dots. Caitlin stopped moving as well and exhaled, while Carack and Seira stretched their arms like they were very tired.

“The white giant is appearing! Come back inside the ward!”

Amita shouted loudly. In-gong and Caitlin hurried into the ward with Carack and Seira following behind them. As soon as the four people came back, Amita closed the hole they had intentionally left in the ward and made it complete.

“Is it over now?”

Felicia asked as she flopped on the ground. It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that her whole body was covered in sweat.

Amita nodded.

"Yes. Now, we just have to wait. There will be some impact when the giant taps on the ward, but it won’t be a problem. Good work, everyone.”

All of them tilted their heads to look up at the sky. Under the green moon, the white giant emerged from the ground.

The giant was right in front of them and before the enormity of the giant, Felicia swallowed her saliva and Daphne felt an instinctive fear.

The giant reached out into the air. A transparent wall was blocking it, so it appeared as though it was miming. This was a repeat of yesterday as it hit the air with its palm and fists.

The party blocked their eyes or lowered their posture to prepare for the shock.

However, In-gong didn’t. He saw the blue aura coming from the white light of the giant’s body and cried out,

“It is different from yesterday!”


Caitlin asked and In-gong concentrated. Astonishment was heard from behind them.

“The power of Death?”


In-gong looked back reflexively and saw Amita staring at the giant with a surprised expression. Daphne shrieked.


There was a roar as the whole warding barrier shook. It seemed to be a test as the giant took a few steps backwards. It stretched out both its hands and aimed at the wall with its palms, shooting out a pillar of blue power that contained the aura of Death!


A violent vibration, that couldn’t be compared to the first time, hit the party. Carack caught Seira, who had lost her balance, and looked at In-gong urgently, but In-gong was staring at the sky. A crack had appeared in the night sky.

However, the sky hadn’t actually cracked; it was the ward that had cracked.


Felicia shouted hurriedly toward Amita, but Amita didn’t look at her. Amita was visibly perplexed.


A second blast shook the ward. The crack grew bigger and the scattered blue energy turned purple. As the blue light spread against the night sky, it took on a creepy appearance.

The ward was on the verge of breaking and it was questionable how many more attacks it would be able to endure.

"We have to stop it.”

In-gong said out loud reflexively. He didn’t know how to deal with a 20-meter-tall giant, but he had to stop it.

He was currently level 24.

His level was lacking, but he just needed a little bit more experience. There may be a solution once he reached level 25.

The white giant activated the blue aura once again. Daphne was still hugging Amita with bemusement while Carack and Caitlin were looking for ways to escape.

Then Caitlin pointed towards the sky.

“That... What is that?”

The presence of the green moon and the white giant had been enough to capture everyone’s eyes, but something remarkable could be seen in the starless night sky.

Something was approaching from between the green moon and the white giant. It was a silver light that grew bigger and bigger.

Instinctively, In-gong took out the Tears of a Dark Elf. The purple jewel had become lighter.

Similar to In-gong, she pulled out her necklace from where it had been buried in her cleavage. The necklace was also purple.

Felicia stood up instantly. The white giant’s third bombardment struck the barrier and In-gong caught Felicia who had been about to fall. Felicia leaned on In-gong and stared at the cracked sky.

“A boat?”

Carack asked. Seira rubbed her eyes, thinking it was a apparition.

Just like Carack had said, it looked like a boat — a gorgeous sailboat with silver sails.

Caitlin blinked. The white giant, who had been preparing for a fourth bombardment, looked at the boat.

Felicia was delighted by the sight. Meanwhile, Delia raised both hands and cheered.

In-gong also recognized it.

It was a ship sailing in the sky. The tears of a dark elf...

The captain who was flying through the sky and the sword of a dark elf that pierced through it...!


It was Felicia’s twin brother:

The fifth child of the demon king, 5th Prince Silvan Doomblade!

Felicia called out to the sailboat moving across the night sky as it rammed into the heart of the white giant.

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