Chapter 88 - Chapter 14: The Last Flame #3

Chapter 88 - Chapter 14: The Last Flame #3

Amita Ignasia:

The best blacksmith out of all those that existed in Knight Saga.

They were called the blacksmith who dealt with the last flame.

"I will ask you again. Who are you? Why do you smell of the sword duke? Are you friends of the sword duke?”

The raccoon questioned in a sharp voice. Felicia pushed a hand against her temple and said in a confused voice,

"Wait a minute, wait a minute. Amita? A raccoon?"

The raccoon wasn’t just a raccoon; its body was smaller than that of a regular raccoon and its cute round face was just like a baby raccoon’s.

However, as Amita spoke with a frown, it was obvious this wasn’t an ordinary raccoon.

"Why, are you resentful towards raccoons? Is this your first time seeing a talking raccoon?”

"Oh, no, that isn’t it... Ah, it is the first time I’ve seen a talking raccoon but...”

The confused Felicia stopped talking. It was a raccoon that wasn’t simply a raccoon. Even Felicia, who had travelled all over the world, was in a state of panic.

In-gong had met Amita three times in Knight Saga, but he was confused as well. Yet, he was somehow able to control his mind.

'Anyway, they have appeared in various forms regardless of sex and age. They could also be a raccoon. Perhaps, this is the first time they’ve transformed into a raccoon.’

When he thought about it, he realised It was plausible. Although it was a foreign story, there was a legend where someone had disguised as a raccoon.

In-gong spoke politely,

"Amita, I am the 9th Prince of the Demon King’s Palace. I came to find you with the sword duke’s introduction.”

After In-gong’s introduction, Amita flicked their eyes to Felicia. Felicia spoke in a similar manner to In-gong,

“6th Princess Felicia Doomblade.”

They didn’t come as people from the Demon King’s Palace but as acquaintances of the sword duke. Amita’s face relaxed as they liked the courtesy of the two people somewhat.

"The sword duke introduced me?”

"Yes, we got our hands on good materials and he introduced us to the best craftsman.”

Amita narrowed their eyes and looked In-gong up and down. Then their gaze turned towards In-gong’s arms.

“That is a relic of an elder dragon.”

"Yes, they are from Watcher Ainkel and the Great Enkidu.”

Amita’s eyes narrowed even further. They covered their head with both hands and shook.

"Ugh, okay. Normally, I would have kicked you out, but you came at the right time.”

Judging from their words, they seemed to be deeply connected to the situation here. Felicia lowered herself and asked Amita,

"Amita, what is going on? Can you explain?”

"The story is a bit long. So, understand it quickly.”

They looked Felicia up and down before sitting on their tail.

"I have been staying in the centre of Spider Forest for months. I was thinking about moving to another place in six months, but then suddenly, something happened. Odd creatures covered in a purple aura struck Spider Forest.”

The expressions in Felicia’s and In-gong’s eyes changed.

Amita laughed and asked,

“Why? Do you know these guys?”

"I fought with monsters covered in a purple aura on Enger Plains. Their purpose was to eliminate the guardian of Enger Plains.”

Amita scowled at In-gong’s description.

"This was done by professionals. Anyway, the guardian of Spider Forest became involved, so I decided to stop them. This is a place where the lycanthrope rangers patrol routinely; I thought that the lycanthropes would be able to resolve the issue if I blocked the monsters properly.”

That reminded In-gong about the white giant was striking against a transparent wall. Amita had lived for a long time, so it wasn’t impossible that they knew a variety of techniques.

"The problem is... the ones with the purple aura aren’t the only ones involved.”

In-gong and Felicia nodded. In fact, while fighting in this forest, they hadn’t seen a single monster with a purple aura. Moreover, the spirits on Enger Plains hadn’t gone crazy like the spirits here were currently doing.

Amita spoke with a sigh,

"These guys are aiming for the last flame. They are enemies — people who had been seeking the last flame in the past. Additionally, the moon is green and all the spirits in the forest have gone crazy.”

"What type of people are they?”

The druid Daphne asked with a look mixed with curiosity and fear. Amita responded like they were reluctant to continue speaking,

"They were guardians once but have now become crazy. They covet the power of the last flame.”

“Is the last flame that good?”

“I don’t know. It is doubtful that they will be able absorb it, but it is true that the last flame is a very mysterious and wonderful thing. They seem to believe that if they absorb the last flame... they will return to the past, before they had gone crazy.”

Amita was a very good craftsman. However, it wasn’t their strength that was nestled in making the divine armor; It was the strength of the last flame that they used when making the armor.

It was obvious that the ‘first flame’ from the legend wouldn’t be ordinary.

"Anyway, I reinforced the ward in order to prevent them from coming in. The guardian of Spider Forest had to be protected urgently. As a result, the ward has become stronger... but I can’t run away. The last flame is stuck to a vein. It isn’t permanent and I can remove it, but it will take time.”

The most important thing to Amita was the last flame. They felt sorry for the guardian of Spider Forest, but Spider Forest wasn’t its main concern.

"The crazy guardians have joined forces with the ones surrounded by a purple aura. They have both become stronger and today, another ward was broken. Now, there is only one ward remaining.”

It was clear that the white giant had cracked the transparent wall.

Felicia asked in a serious voice,

"Amita, what will happen if the last flame goes out?”

“I don’t know. So far, I’ve never seen it go out. The possibility is low, but... maybe the world will perish like in the rumours.”

Amita responded bitterly. They didn’t know what was going to happen, so they were even more impatient.

"Is the sword duke in the area?”


Amita sighed at In-gong’s answer. In-gong understood their mind. If the sword duke was here, he would be able to resolve the issue in a minute.

"Rotten. At any rate, I need you.”

Amita stood on two legs and alternated between looking at In-gong and Felicia. In particular, Felicia’s heart weakened as she looked at their moist eyes.

"6th Princess and 9th Prince, help me. You must defend the last flame and Spider Forest. Stop them. Keep the royal family’s pride and obligations.”

Felicia nodded reflexively as she heard ‘the royal family’s pride and obligations.’ However, at that moment, there was a sharp voice,

“Wait! Wait a minute!"

It was Carack who had been staying silent until now. In-gong and Felicia were surprised by Carack’s interruption, but Carack didn’t care. He showed his stubborness by crossing his arms and looking down at Amita.

"What will you do in return if Prince and Princess help you?”


"The price, the price. Surely, you don’t intend for us to risk our lives for nothing?”

Felicia and Delia looked like they were shocked by Carack’s words. However, Felicia then gave a strange smile while In-gong decided to simply watch.

Amita looked between In-gong and Felicia, then tapped their chest like they were frustrated.

"Aren’t you listening to me? It is an unprecedented situation where the last flame might go out!”

"You said that you don’t know what will happen if it goes out. Maybe nothing will happen when the last flame is extinguished.”

Carack spoke in a subtle and strangely convincing voice.

Amita shook their fist like it was ridiculous and their tail tapped the floor as they shouted,

"Okay, the reason you came to me in the first place was for a commission. I will make one piece of desired equipment for Prince and Princess. How about that?”

Amita’s gaze was directed at Carack, not In-gong and Felicia.

Carack shook his head with a resolute expression.

"That is lacking. The cute and pretty girl sleeping here is the 8th Princess. She struggled with the enemies and lost consciousness. Additionally, all of us have to risk our lives. I don’t think that the lives of Prince and Princess are so cheap. There are also the lives of Delia, Seira, Daphne and Green Wind.”

Carack only omitted Robin. Whether it was deliberate or he had really forgotten, no one knew.

Amita pressed a hand to their forehead and sat on their tail like they were dizzy.

"You- Don’t you know how much my pieces are worth?”

"I don’t know. Do I need to know?”

Was it courage or ignorance?

Before Carack’s shamelessness, Amita had blanked out. They tried gazing at In-gong and Felicia for help, but it was useless.

“Okay, okay. I will do what you want. I will make one piece of equipment for all of you. Are you satisfied now?”

It was truly an excellent proposal, but Carack shook his head once again.

"There is one more colleague who went to call for reinforcements. She is a very precious companion and Prince’s essential subordinate.”

In-gong nodded when he thought about Karma. He only had two knights, so it was true that she was essential.

Amita jumped up.

"Up to there! Beyond that, no more!”

“Understood. One piece for Karma who is calling for reinforcements and one piece each for everyone here... Do you promise?”

"Yes, I promise.”

Amita waved their hands. Carack laughed and glanced at In-gong and Felicia.

“What do Prince and Princess think?”

“I’ll do it.”

"I will accept.”

When he replied, In-gong was looking at Amita instead of Carack. Amita scowled at the hateful master and servant before speaking,

"I will return to the center of the forest. You aren’t spirits, so there is a danger of losing your way if you follow me. Tomorrow morning, the illusions will disappear, so come to the center of the forest. If you hold this, you will be able to pass through the ward that I put up.”

Amita pulled out leaves from their arms and pushed them toward In-gong. The leaves looked sophisticated and real but were actually made of metal.

“I understand.”

"Then I will see you tomorrow.”

Amita sighed, seemingly exhausted, and jumped into the bushes.

Then after one minute, once In-gong was convinced that Amita was gone, he shrugged and asked,

"Doesn’t it feel like a storm has passed by?”

It was truly felt like that. Moreover, the conversation with Amita had headed in an unexpected direction.

Carack scratched his head and said,

"I’m sorry if I went overboard. I had no choice as Prince’s proud aide.”

It made a lot of sense as out of a sense of royal pride and duty, they would have accepted the request regardless.

Felicia smiled pleasantly and reassured him,

“Well, the results are good. The more equipment we have which are made by Amita, the better off we will be. However, I am a little worried. What if it isn’t made properly due to Amita’s anger?”

"That won’t happen. They seem to have a great deal of pride. They will definitely make it correctly.”

Carack hadn’t pushed Amita without thinking it through. If he was afraid of defective products like Felicia, he would have gone for a different approach.

In-gong nodded.

"I agree with Carack. Their name will go on it, so they will never create something bad.”

Amita was such a person. Moreover, it would be divine equipment made from the last flame. If shoddy equipment was made, it would indeed be blasphemy.

“Yes, it is great. Well done.”

Amita wasn’t a common craftsman but one that they were lucky to gain a commision from.

Since it was unlikely to have an ongoing relationship with them, it was better to receive as many benefits as possible.

Carack laughed when Felicia praised him honestly.

"I’m glad to be of help.”

Not only Felicia but Daphne and Delia also looked at Carack with a smile. In particular, the two of them had more than respect in their eyes. It was like they were gazing at a man with great vitality.

‘Indeed, someone who manages to get Carack as a husband won’t starve.’

In-gong nodded inadvertently and took a deep breath.

"Anyway... I guess this incident is certainly not normal.”

With the last flame tied up in the issue, the situation was a mess. Amita wasn’t sure if the world would be destroyed if the last flame was extinguished, but it would be a shame for the sacred flame to disappear anyway.

Moreover, it was noteworthy that there were monsters with a purple aura in Spider Forest, similar to those previously in the Enger Plains.

What was their purpose? Why did they attack?

"However, we can’t take a step back. As Amita said, we are royalty. It is our duty to protect the guardian of Spider Forest and the last flame. We have to protect Spider Forest until Karma calls for reinforcements.”

Felicia declared before turning her gaze towards the sky. In-gong looked up as well.

The green moon was fading away.


"What, why did the number of people increase again?”

"Talking raccoon, I was beside Master yesterday. I should also get my share."

“A talking raccoon is amazing!”

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