Chapter 82 - Chapter 13: The Right to Rule

Chapter 82 - Chapter 13: The Right to Rule

When waking up from a deep sleep, In-gone usually had to face the ceiling or wall. However, when his eyes opened this time, the first thing he saw was long green hair that tickled his face and a beautiful face.

Green eyes blinked as In-gong stared at them sleepily. He almost screamed, but the other person was faster.


Green Wind laughed and embraced In-gong. Instead of hugging Green Wind, In-gong moved his eyes. Beyond Green Wind’s hair, he saw an expensive looking ceiling.


In-gong tried to breathe and think while Green Wind covered his body.  He lifted his free left hand and patted Green Wind’s back as he was about to speak.


There was something strange. Only his left hand was free. In-gong had no problems staring at his right side because Green Wind was hugging his left. He turned his head to the right and raised his upper body.

"Master, are you okay now? Have strength.”

Green Wind was in an actualized state, so she had weight. There were some questions about the conservation of mass, but In-gong had other worries at the moment. Instead of digging deeper, he glanced at Caitlin who was holding onto In-gong’s right hand.

Expensive-looking ceiling and room... and a huge bed.

In-gong was dressed in clothes that were easy to peel off and so was Caitlin who was lying beside him.

After carefully untangling his hands from Caitlin’s, In-gong looked back at Green Wind sitting on his thigh.


Green Wind quickly nodded at his request.

"This is the lycanthropes’ palace. Master has been bedridden for four days.”

“Four days?”

“Four days. I have been looking after you for four days. Staring blankly is one of my specialities.”

Green Wind said with a laugh. In-gong now knew why Green Wind was staring at him. It was because Green Wind had been lonely.

In-gong hugged Green Wind very tightly. Green Wind made a sound but was faithful to her usual instincts when being praised.

"Umm, I don’t know why but I feel good. Continue.”

In-gong smiled at Green Wind and pushed her out of his arms slightly. He patted her head and said,

"Please continue explaining to me.”

"I understand. As I said, this is the lycanthrope palace. The reason why Master and Caitlin are lying on one bed is to increase the healing effect of both of you.”

"Healing effect?"

It was surprised by the unexpected story. Green Wind pulled back and looked In-gong up and down.

"How much does Master remember?”

“Uh... Gerard ran away?”

In-gong closed his eyes and searched through his memories. He remembered that Gerard had lost his shoulder to Lightning.

'Carack caught me and Green Wind protected me.’

Then his memories became confusing. He seemed to recall Felicia’s crying face, but he couldn’t remember it properly.

Green Wind said,

"Felicia gave Moonlight Extract to Master and Caitlin. As Chris ordered, she split it into two and something unexpected happened to Master and Caitlin’s body due to the Moonlight Extract.”

In-gong quickly activated the status window and skills window. Not long after, he was able to capture the changes in the skills window.

[Protagonist Body]

[Special Passive Skill: Moonlight Core]

'Second... aura heart?’

He closed his eyes. He realized that he could feel a moonlight core deep in his chest. His flow of aura was now different from before.

In Knight Saga, the Moonlight Extract was a miraculous herb that could revive someone if they had a single breath left. That alone was awesome, but there was another effect?

In-gong focused his attention on the flow of aura for a while. Although there were two starting points, his aura didn’t seem that different. Both flows became one during the cycle. It seemed to create a much faster and stronger flow than before.

‘Dual cores?’

Was it like a two engine jet fighter?

That wasn’t the only mysterious point. The nature of his aura had changed somewhat. To be precise, a new strength had been added to his aura.

It wasn’t unfamiliar. In fact, it was a familiar aura.

In-gong turned to Caitlin while Green Wind opened her mouth again,

"After eating the Moonlight Extract, Master and Caitlin were caught in a big light and exchanged life force. Just like Master and I, Master and Caitlin are also connected. Of course, it isn’t quite like me.”

In-gong nodded inadvertently. He definitely felt Caitlin in his aura and In-gong felt himself in Caitlin.

"Chris said that the closer the two of you were, the more vitality would be activated. If you hold her hand again, you will know.”

There was no reason not to, so In-gong grabbed Caitlin’s hand and he could see what Green Wind had said was true.


He noticed it the moment he touched her hand. It wasn’t just a simple feeling but a reaction. The flow of aura from the Moonlight Core became stronger like it had been influenced.

Chris seemed to know this which was why he had laid In-gong and Caitlin on the same bed.

“The others? Was anybody else injured?”

He gently lay down his hand, which was holding Caitlin's, to make it more comfortable. Green Wind shook her head.

“No. Master and Caitlin were the most badly injured. Chris is already up and limping around. Felicia cried a lot, but she wasn’t hurt.”

"I'm glad."

He didn’t need to ask about Carack, Daphne, Karma and Delia.

Conquest Knight.

Famine Knight.

In-gong was reminded of Conquest, the white woman. She had said that In-gong was her only hope.

Had she been the one who brought In-gong to this world? Why had she picked In-gong? What was she looking for?

Of course, he didn’t feel that resentful. If the white woman had really called him to this world, there would be many reasons. So, he didn’t mind that much.

However, he put that on hold. He couldn’t talk properly with the white woman, so it was useless to worry about it now.

'In a sense, it is also cool.’

There was a reason.

One day, he had opened his eyes in a game or game-like world. There had been a reason for In-gong to enter the world of Knight Saga.

Yet, he didn’t know that reason yet. However, that didn’t change the thought in his head that it was slightly cool.


In-gong turned his gaze back to Caitlin. Although her complexion was a little pale, her face was very calm. The flow of aura he could feel through his hands was very smooth.

Things were changing after In-gong came into his world.

In-gong was going to stop the Day of Massacre. Of course, the biggest reason was In-gong’s survival but that wasn’t all.

After getting to know Chris and Caitlin, he wanted to prevent the lycanthrope subjugation. However, by blocking the Day of Massacre, he would also save Felicia and Daphne.

It was a story separate from the white woman, Conquest, War, Death and Famine. This was this and that was that.

In-gong didn’t intend to allow the tragedy from Knight Saga to replay in the Demon World.

‘The conclusion is the same.’

It was like his thoughts when he had first woken up in the world.

It was no different from the sword duke’s and Chris’ words.

He needed to be strong.

He would become strong enough to get rid of all the dangers that came. Then he would be able to solve all problems.

It might be an ignorant and simple idea, but it was true. It was just like the fight against Gerard. He was able to repel Gerard because he had raised his abilities steadily. If In-gong’s power had been lacking even a little bit, a completely different result would have been created. Not only In-gong but Chris, Caitlin, Carack and all the others would have lost their lives.

In-gong put some strength into his right hand that was holding Caitlin and he smiled mischievously.


Like a protagonist, he would become stronger. He would break the planned tragedy and make a happy ending.

“Master, what are you thinking? That expression is sneaky.”

Green Wind asked with narrowed eyes. Just as a wishful thought passed through her head, someone came and visited.

“Oh, you’re awake?”

“Chris hyung.”

It was Chris who had showed up. He was wearing leather as always and Green Wind quickly disappeared.

Chris chuckled.

"She is really shy.”

‘It’s not like that.’

Green Wind pleaded in a small voice, but In-gong spoke to Chris instead. He moved into a sitting posture and glanced at Chris.

“Is Hyung okay?”

"Of course. Are you really fine?”

Chris asked, sitting down on the chair next to the bed. Chris made the huge chair look cramped.

“Somewhat. I heard the story of the Moonlight Essence from Green Wind. Thank you.”

It was a herb that could only be obtained once in 100 years.

After In-gong’s words, Chris jumped up from his chair and ruffled In-gong’s head with a laugh.

“I wanted to thank you. I am alive because of you. And I also got to see the legend of the Moonlight Extract.”

Chris’ gaze shifted from In-gong to Caitlin. It was obvious he was referring to the Moonlight Core.

Chris leaned back in the chair and fixed his expression.

“It is unknown if Gerard is currently dead or alive.”


The expression was somewhat ambiguous. Did he not simply escape?

Chris pressed a hand against his temple and responded,

"The tracking troops found parts of Gerard’s lower and upper body. Like charcoal breaking down... It was like that.”

In-gong recalled the last Lightning that had struck Gerard. At that time, his left shoulder had been shattered.

"He should be dead because his body below the waist was cut off, but... I can never be sure. I will continue the search until I am convinced that he is dead.”

In-gong also agreed. He didn’t think that Gerard was dead.

As In-gong’s expression became serious, Chris laughed.

"Don't worry so much. He might have survived with no lower body, but what about the upper body? His left arm was entirely shattered. He will be in the worst condition. I’ve also prepared a way to deal with his strange technique.”

He wasn’t simply reassuring In-gong as his eyes were bloody. He seemed to have prepared something.

Chris changed the topic.

"Can I ask about the effects of the Moonlight Extract? Master Bruce said that you have the Moonlight Core and Caitlin has the Starlight Core.”

"I don’t know yet. It seems amazing though.”

It had literally become a dual core. Perhaps the synergistic effects would be beyond imagination. The synergy wouldn’t be 1+1=2 but maybe three or four.


In-gong stared at Caitlin. There were a few times when he had wanted to experiment on with Caitlin. Hopefully, new training methods would be born.

"Hmm, okay. i am anticipating it.”

Chris finished his story and stood up with a grin. He moved his gaze to a higher point as he hesitated for a moment.

"It seems to be that time.”


What did that mean?

Chris stared straight at In-gong.

“Shutra, you will now meet someone. My advice, don’t ever panic. Stay calm and you will amaze her.”

“Chris hyung?”


Chris stepped back and someone else entered for a visit. A sharp man wearing a military uniform opened the door. Instead of entering the room, he waited in the front of the door and a woman entered.

In-gong knew straight away who she was.

'The 4th Queen! Elaine Moonlight!’

Queen of the lycanthropes, Chris and Caitlin's mother!

Wearing a blue dress, she could literally be a version of Caitlin in her twenties. She looked exactly like Caitlin except that her hair was black like ebony and her body was very alluring.

Her face looked to be only in the mid-20s, so if she stood next to Caitlin, they would seem more like siblings than mother and daughter.

As she walked over to the bed, she looked down at In-gong with Chris’ blue eyes and In-gong realized why Caitlin had a cold look despite her pure nature. Elaine’s expression was freezing cold itself.

“The 9th Prince, Shutra Agnus.”


Elaine spoke and In-gong replied. Then she laughed like Chris and suddenly embraced In-gong.

“Thank you, it is because of you that Chris and Caitlin survived. If it hadn’t been for you, it would have been a really big deal.”

She didn’t hold onto In-gong but tapped his back a few times before releasing him. She touched his cheek like he was her child and said,

"I’ve heard a lot about you from Chris and Caitlin. There are many impressive stories. It has been a long time since Caitlin has praised someone so much.”

Her expression was cold but her tone was sweet. In-gong felt just as confused as the first time he met Caitlin.

Elaine in Knight Saga had literally been the enemy. She had been hostile to Zephyr and in the lycanthrope subjugation, she had been a blood-crazed beast that showed why she was the queen of the lycanthropes.

However, the Elaine in front of him was friendly.

“Thank you.”

In-gong answered calmly. Elaine laughed like his gratitude was funny and went to stand next to Chris. She gazed at Caitlin who was sleeping while holding In-gong’s hand and then turned to In-gong again.

"Okay, this is enough for a greeting, so I’ll say it bluntly.”

In-gong gazed at Chris with questioning eyes and he just gazed back. Elaine, sitting between the two of them, looked straight at In-gong.

"9th Prince Shutra Ignus, do you have any thoughts about becoming the demon king?”

This was the question from the queen of the lycanthropes.

In-gong’s eyes widened as Elaine approached him. Instead of asking again, she waited for In-gong’s answer.

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