Chapter 80 - Chapter 12: Legend #6

Chapter 80 - Chapter 12: Legend #6

The scary thing about Arang was that it didn’t end with a simple blow but broke the circulation of aura itself. 

Gerard’s Arang, a secret technique of Divine Beast Authority, literally tore open In-gong’s aura. However, it was also the same with In-gong’s Arang. It was clunky compared to Gerard’s, but it was still obviously an Arang. 

In-gong coughed up blood as his white aura exploded. Thick blood flowed along his jaw and there was no sensation in his right hand. Although he could still see, everything in front of him was blurry. 

In-gong didn’t collapse. He twisted his upper body and watched Gerard closely. After being struck by the explosion, Gerard was raising his body with some difficulty. 

Gerard was also a mess. He had released his Beast Form and his left arm seemed to have lost its function. The energy of Famine was also weak. 

However, he was still alive. Gerard giggled strangely as he raised his upper body. Then at that moment, a sharp dagger flew toward In-gong. 


White Eagle blocked the dagger. The white metal spread out and blocked In-gong from Gerard’s view. Blood was streaming into Gerard’s ears, so he didn’t hear anything, but he had a hunch. 

The moment that White Eagle flew back into the air, In-gong rushed toward Gerard. Instead of using aura again, In-gong shot a fire arrow at his right leg. Flames rose along the Dragon Scale Greaves’ scales


Rather than a flash of whiteness, lightning poured down with the red flames. Gerard moved his body reflexively to avoid the attack, but it was unreasonable. In-gong struck Gerard’s left shoulder. 

Rather than an physical hit, it was more like lightning had hit Gerard’s left shoulder. That shoulder then turned into charcoal and crumbled. 

Gerard flinched backwards. In-gong’s knee was broken, but he rose again and yelled instead of starting another offensive. 



Carack entered the fight that no one had dared to intervene. His huge battle axe slammed into Gerard. Gerard’s chest shattered like his shoulder did and White Eagle struck his abdomen. Gerard’s body was thrown back a few metres. 

Carack grabbed In-gong’s waist. Then In-gong leaned over Carack and looked at Gerard. However, it wasn’t over yet. 


In-gong screamed in a cracked voice as Gerard’s right hand slammed into the ground. He exploded his aura of Famine like it was his last hurrah. 


The cry filled the surrounding area and the power of Famine stretched out around Gerard. 

Carack hugged In-gong and turned around. Green Wind generated a force field that shielded In-gong while the lycanthrope soldiers hurried to avoid Famine. 


Green wind shrieked. The power of Famine collided with White Eagle and exploded. The land that had been swept by Famine was stained with a grey light and lost its beauty, appearing as a drought-ridden land. The grass wawithered and giant trees became dry and fell down after not being able to endure their weight anymore. 

There were also victims among the lycanthrope soldiers. Those, who couldn’t escape completely and had a part of their bodies touched by Famine, fell to the ground with a moan. Additionally, there were those who lost an arm or a leg. 

After the power of Famine disappeared, Gerard was gone. He had obviously used the absorbed power to escape. 

[Your level has risen.] 

[Your level has risen.] 

The clear voice rang in his head. This was thanks to the battle ending after Gerard had lost his will to fight. 

A pure white light wound around In-gong. All the trauma, which had been afflicted upon In-gong’s body, were healed. 

The lycanthrope commanders quickly understood the situation. They stared at Carack holding onto In-gong and shouted,

“Track him! Don’t let him get away!” 

"Follow! Don’t approach him carelessly and use throwing weapons!” 

Even though they preferred close combat, it didn’t mean the lycanthropes didn’t use any weapons. Moreover, this wasn’t an ordinary village but a military base. The lycanthrope warriors grabbed spears hurriedly and started to run in the direction that Gerard escaped to. 

In-gong wasn’t able to look at them. He closed his eyes and panted for air. 

The level up effect healed the trauma, but the inside of his body was still a mess. The cause of the problem was that Arang had disrupted the circulation of his aura. It was hard to even breathe properly. 

"Prince, Prince. Breathe, slowly. Take slow and deep breaths.” 

Carack lay In-gong down carefully and started fidgeting. He wanted to do something, but the only thing he could do was wipe the blood from In-gong’s mouth. 

Chris' voice was heard at that moment. 

"This way. Come on, hurry. Lay Caitlin down, next to him.” 

As Chris leaned against one of his men, his voice was broken by a cough. He was in a terrible state, but ironically, he was the best out of the three who had fought directly against Gerard. 

Gerard had run away, but taking care of In-gong and Caitlin who were before him was more urgent than chasing after someone who had just stepped out of the Grey Tower. 

As he approached Carack, who was cuddling In-gong, Chris frowned like he was swallowing the pain and said,

"Moonlight, extract.” 

It was an incomplete order, but it was obvious what he meant. Caitlin’s aide, Seira, quickly got up and ran to one place. Felicia cried out desperately,

"Don’t overdo it! You are also in a serious condition right now!” 

Felicia, who had been using her recovery magic on Caitlin, reached out to Chris. Chris stared at Felicia’s face, which had become of mess of tears and a runny nose, and laughed. 

“Noonim’s face is also serious.” 


"I'm fine. Just- trauma. The problem- Shutra... Caitlin.” 

Seira came running back. She was holding a palm sized object in her hand. 

Chris grabbed Felicia’s hand and said,

"Now this, most- magic power is strong... Noonim. So, I’ll leave it to Noonim.” 

Felicia had no idea what the Moonlight Extract was, but based on the circumstances, she could roughly guess what it was. 

Felicia nodded and Chris grimaced again from the pain. He smiled and continued speaking,

"As soon as the box is open, magic power, Moonlight Extract... wrap it. Wrap in magic power, divide in half... Shutra and Caitlin, feed.” 


Chris released Felicia’s hand. Felicia wiped Chris’ blood from her hands and took a deep breath. Tears were still flowing as she accepted the box from Seira. 

As a skilled magician, Felicia was also competent in dealing with herbs. It was obvious that the effect of the Moonlight Extract would be diminished if it was exposed to the air without being wrapped in magic power. It was likely that there was a special magic treatment for it. 

Felicia covered the box with magic power and slowly opened the lid. Inside, there was a white herb that was a little longer than the index finger. 

It seemed to be a root. If In-gong saw it, he would have thought it was wild ginseng. 

Felicia picked up the Moonlight Extract carefully as she swallowed her saliva. She hesitated before splitting the Moonlight Extract into two. 

Then there was a problem. 

"H-how do I feed this to them?” 

The broken pieces of Moonlight Extract were quite hard. An unconscious person wouldn’t be able to chew and swallow it. 

Carack asked with an excited face,

"Should you feed them with your mouth?” 

He raised his hands to his mouth and imitated a chewing motion of an animal taking care of a young cub. 

Chris slowly shook his head at Carack’s question. 

“No, mo-on. Moonlight Extract. Put in the mouth, will melt.” 

Felicia sighed with relief and turned toward Caitlin. Her trauma was recovered thanks to Felicia’s recovery spells, but her insides were a mess. Felicia’s eyes were filled with tears as she stared at Caitlin. 

Chris spoke again,

"Daph-ne. Druid, I heard. Noonim, help. Absorption...” 


For druids who lived in nature, knowing herbal medicine was a basic. Daphne’s task with to use the power of the spirits to help the herb be absorbed. 


Felicia nodded and pushed the piece of Moonlight Extract into Caitlin’s mouth. As Chris said, the Moonlight Extract started to melt immediately. In an instant, it became a white liquid and was sucked into Caitlin’s throat. 

Daphne closed her eyes and started to chant the names of the spirits. Then, miraculously, a white light started to emerge from Caitlin’s whole body. 

“M-moonlight is coming from her body!” 

Carack shouted with surprise. At that moment, Green Wind appeared next to Carack. She spoke sharply with a hard face that was different than normal,

"The power holding the moonlight is melting. Hurry and give Master the Moonlight Extract. I will help Master absorb it.” 

The lycanthropes were shocked by Green Wind’s sudden appearance, but Felicia, who knew about Green Wind’s existence, was different. She hurriedly pushed the piece of Moonlight Extract into In-gong’s mouth. 

The beginning was exactly like it had happened with Caitlin, but it changed once Green Wind touched it. 

White light came out from In-gong’s entire body. It wasn’t a gentle glow like Caitlin’s. The light was enough to fill their field of view as In-gong’s body slightly floated up. 

Carack glanced at Green Wind urgently, but she didn’t have an answer. Her startled expression proved that this situation was unexpected. 

“Ah, really! Why can’t one thing be easy?” 

Carack exclaimed. Felicia asked Chris hurriedly, 

“What is happening? Is something wrong?” 

Felicia was on the verge- no, she was already crying. Instead of answering straight away, Chris stared at In-gong. If the light from Caitlin’s body was like the stars, In-gong’s could be compared to the full moon. 

In-gong’s body floated a little higher. Caitlin’s body also rose like she was affected by In-gong. Green Wind and Daphne both reached out to the two people as they closed their eyes tightly and desperately called upon the power of the spirits. 

The Moonlight Extract was a flower that bloomed once in 100 years. In fact, this was the first time Chris had seen the process of someone eating the Moonlight Extract. 

Caitlin’s reaction was similar to what had been written in the general records, but it wasn’t the same for In-gong. Moreover, Caitlin’s reaction was changed now. 

Like Felicia said, was there something wrong? 

"Maybe, but on the contrary...” 

"On the contrary?" 

Chris swallowed his saliva. He looked at the white light that couldn’t be distinguished anymore and said,

"The legend of the Moonlight Extract, maybe this is it.” 

An unusual record. 

The true legend of the Moonlight Extract that only remained in the records of the lycanthrope royal family. 

Chris laughed bitterly. Carack’s words were true. 

"Everywhere he goes, uncommon things happen.” 

Felicia looked back at In-gong. The warm light, that didn’t hurt the eyes, pushed against the darkness. 

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