Chapter 79 - Chapter 12: Legend #5

Chapter 79 - Chapter 12: Legend #5

Spending 20 years in solitary without sunlight... 

In-gong couldn’t imagine it. 

He couldn’t guess what emotions or thoughts he would have felt during that time. 


It wasn’t just the power of Famine that turned the aura pitch black. Gerard’s deep-seated grudge and resentment dyed his aura into a dark shade. 

Chris had a hunch when Gerard blew away several lycanthrope soldiers in his first attack. 

Ordinary soldiers wouldn’t be able to deal with him. Considering the strange power he used, there was a possibility that rather than exhausted, he would be strengthened.

It would just be a futile sacrifice. Even though it was risky, Chris had to do it himself. 

Chris struck Gerard from the front. Caitlin used to time to make up for Chris by piercing through the gap. 

A pincer move that couldn’t be done with just anyone. They needed to be aware of each other’s breaths as well as what attacks were on the way. In a pincer move, those who couldn’t engage with each other weren’t able to create gaps. 

Chris and Caitlin’s pincer move was perfect as the two of them knew each other very well. It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that they were two different bodies moving as one. 

Gerard wasn’t pushed at all by the stormy joint attack. He proved why he had been called the strongest lycanthrope 20 years ago by blocking all the attacks from Chris and Caitlin. It was so exquisite that it was like the three people were dancing. 

The lycanthrope soldiers didn’t dare get in the way of the three people. Felicia had gathered magic power in her hands, but she couldn’t do anything. 

In-gong breathed calmly as he observed the scene. Despite drawing with Caitlin in the spar, he wouldn’t be able to interfere. In-gong moved, it was more likely that he would ruin their flow. 

‘The power of Famine.’ 

Gerard drained the life force of the lycanthrope soldiers. After the life force was robbed, the black energy was visibly strengthened. 

‘Direct contact is needed.’ 

It wasn’t enough to touch the body; time was needed. Compared to In-gong’s ‘Conquest’, his command was ‘Drain’. Maybe, it was even a single process. 

Famine Knight. 

Now that he had time to think about it, Gerard had inherited the power of Famine from the man in black robes who had been on the slab. 

However, weren’t the four people in the picture on one side? Were they hostile to each other? Otherwise, was Conquest rejected by the other three? 

“Below the King’s Flag!” 

In-gong stopped his thoughts and used the power of Conquest. The moment the dwarf dagger hit the ground, a white aura covered Chris and Caitlin. 

There was a change in the movements of Chris, Caitlin and Gerard who had been like precision machines. 

Chris and Caitlin were disconcerted by the support but soon adapted to their stronger bodies. They started pushing Gerard faster than ever. 

Gerard was at a loss for a moment as he gazed at the two people. He glared at In-gong as his black aura rose vividly. 

Conquest Knight.

Gerard didn’t say anything, but In-gongheard Gerard’s voice clearly. The whirlwind of Chris and Caitlin’s pincer attack erased his voice, but In-gong couldn’t forget it. 

The three people became more violent. 

Gerard, who was stuck between the two people, suddenly laughed and released a power of Famine that was greater than before. 

It was only for a moment, but the shape was clear. The black aura reached Caitlin’s dark blue aura and Chris’ blue aura, placing a brake on the movements of the two people. 

Chris shattered Famine by strengthening his aura, but Caitlin couldn’t. Her movements were stopped and Gerard didn’t miss this gap. 

The change was rapid and instant. Gerard stood firmly as he took one of Chris’ blows and headed toward Caitlin. Gerard’s left arm shot toward her like a snake. Chris’ eyes widened. Caitlin felt Gerard’s palm touching her abdomen and the balance collapsed. 


Felicia screamed desperately. Caitlin’s slender body flew into the air and Chris’ fist aimed for Gerard again. 

Gerard didn’t face this fist. He pushed strength into his legs and jumped up after Caitlin. His palm struck Caitlin’s abdomen again like a lightning strike! 


Caitlin was pushed vertically towards the ground. There was a deafening roar as red blood burst out. 

Gerard landed on the ground, then slammed his knee down on Caitlin. Caitlin coughed up blood again and Chris roared like a beast. 

Gerard glanced at Chris and used one hand to throw Caitlin at Chris. 

Chris was relentless. He swallowed his tears and flew forward. Instead of taking Caitlin, he moved toward Gerard. Caitlin rolled on the ground as he exchanged blows with Gerard. 

A loud shock shook the atmosphere. The blue aura and black aura exploded together and parts of the ground, which couldn’t survive the violence, collapsed. 

Felicia ran forward despite the risk. She grabbed Caitlin and dragged her away. Carack and Seira followed quickly while White Eagle flew behind Felicia to protect her. 

The light went out. Chris was coughing up blood and it was the same for Gerard as well. It was the result of them striking each other’s chest with a devastating strike. 

Chris shouted as he swung a fist. It had a strong momentum, but Gerard didn’t avoid it. Unlike Chris, he still had one trick remaining. 

Beast Form:

The true power of the lycanthropes. 

Gerard’s upper body swelled up and a wolf-like roar burst from his mouth. 

Chris and Gerard’s blows struck each other and the exchange turned into a slugfest. 

The ground shook again. The momentum of their fists tore through the atmosphere and the broken pieces of aura destroyed everything they touched. The surrounding terrain started to change due to them

It had only been one minute at most, but at the end of that time, which felt like hundreds of minutes, Chris couldn’t stand up properly. His blue aura was on the verge of being snuffed, like a candle about to go out, and he fell down as both his knees were broken. 

Gerard’s hand grabbed Chris. He was also a mess, but he had more room to move than Chris. 

He looked at Chris. There was a warm smile on his face that was unthinkable in this situation. Then Gerard triggered the power of Famine! 

Gigantic - Piston! 

As everybody stopped, In-gong’s white aura exploded. 

Since the beginning of the battle, In-gong had only been focused on Gerard. Once Chris’ aura went down, Gerard revealed a gap. The moment he was drunk with the joy of victory, In-gong moved. 

The giant fist moved through the surrounding area and In-gong sensed It would hit. In-gong aimed for Gerard’s chest but Gerard caught the blow in his left shoulder and he flew through the air. 

Gerard stared at In-gong. In-gong was also staring at Gerard, but this wasn’t the end. Gigantic Piston had struck Gerard’s body. It was a unique opportunity given to In-gong. 

Earth Quaker roared as he had invoked Dragon Blood before using Gigantic Piston. Shortly after their eyes crossed, In-gong poured out a series of attacks toward Gerard. 

Gerard was clearly strong. In relation to martial arts, he was in a place far above In-gong. 

However, he was tired. The battle with Chris had damaged him and Gigantic Piston then went on to smash the rest of him. 

So, In-gong now had to see it through to the end. If he collapsed, the others wouldn’t be able to survive. 

Gerard couldn’t use his left arm, so In-gong aimed for that point. Once the white and black auras clashed, a terrible shockwave covered the whole area. 

The powers of Conquest and Famine also collided. The strength of Conquest was depleted by Famine’s power. 

Delia and the lycanthropes were protecting Chris and Caitlin. Felicia was curing Caitlin with recovery magic while the lycanthrope soldiers once again formed a circle. 

For Gerard, In-gong was a roadblock. If it wasn’t for In-gong, this situation would have been over the moment Chris had fallen. Even if there were dozens of hundreds of ordinary lycanthrope soldiers, Gerard couldn’t be captured. 

Conquest. Conquest Knight. 

Anger rose, but it wasn’t just Gerard’s personal anger. Famine was furious and he expressed a strong hatred for Conquest. 


Once again, his aura exploded, but this was different from before. Gerard’s right hand turned quickly, creating a repulsive force that pushed at In-gong like a snake. The moment In-gong realized it, Gerard’s palm was already touching his chest. 

It was the blow that broke Caitlin. 

Divine Beast Authority Secret Principle: Arang. 

It was a wolf-like aura that struck the enemy’s body directly, collapsing it from the inside. 

This attack was a success. Like Caitlin, In-gong opened his mouth and spat out blood.  

However, In-gong wasn’t thrown into the air. He stepped back and White Eagle supported In-gong’s back. Rather than flying away, In-gong gritted his teeth and raised his head. 

Gerard stared at In-gong. At that moment, Daphne hurriedly shouted something at In-gong,

“Spirit Enlightenment!” 

It was urgent. It didn’t reach him completely, but there was no time to wait for the spirit’s power to be completely activated. However, Daphne’s magic gave In-gong the strength to take one step. 

In-gong took a step forward. After struggling with his legs. he reached out. 

He had just learnt it, soit was only level one. 

However, it was enough. 

Divine Beast Authority Secret Principle: Arang. 

The white aura ate at Gerard’s body. The moment Arang struck him, Gerard’s eyes widened with amazement and In-gong took a step back. He once again aimed for Gerard’s chest! 

Explosive Power... 

It wasn’t Divine Beast Authority but Divine Sura Authority! 

The white aura slammed into Gerard’s chest. 

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