Chapter 77 - Chapter 12: Legend #3

Chapter 77 - Chapter 12: Legend #3


Caitlin’s golden eyes shone like lanterns. They were like bright rays of moonlight floating between dark blue hair.

After returning to the tent and explaining roughly, Chris couldn’t help cursing. Instead of Caitlin’s pure admiration, he shook his head.

"I can’t believe it. You managed to combine the aura management method you learnt from the sword duke with Divine Beast Authority? You did it unconsciously?”

There was nothing to say. Chris had grown up hearing he was a genius, but he had never imagined doing something like this.

"I thought that you really had a crazy talent when you learnt Aura but...”

When he thought about it, the process of learning Aura itself was extraordinary. Moreover, In-gong had only learnt it a few months ago and only taken a short time to catch up to Caitlin in a spar. So, the word ‘genius’ was lacking.

Felicia laughed triumphantly at Chris’ expression that was close to a mental collapse. She folded her arms and spoke like she was showing off.

“The sword duke was also very surprised. He said that In-gong’s talent may be comparable to Zephyr orabeoni’s.”

“Wah, really?”

Caitlin’s eyes widened with surprise. She had never held a conversation with 2nd Prince Zephyr, but she knew how great 2nd Prince was.

Felicia nodded vigorously at Caitlin’s answer.

“Really. Wasn’t I there? It was the first time I’d seen the sword duke look so surprised.”

In fact, she had only encountered the sword duke a few times, but it was still the first time she saw him surprised.

Caitlin was filled with admiration again as Felicia raised her chin. Chris, who had been watching quietly, opened his mouth again,

"Why is Noonim saying this? Shutra is the great one, not Noonim.”

Felicia didn’t get upset about the sharp criticism. She simply laughed at Chris and turned toward In-gong.

"Anyway, I was also surprised. And it is amazing.”

When Chris first met Shutra at the Red Lightning tribe, he had no other feelings. He had simply thought of Shutra as a half-sibling that Caitlin wanted to get along with.

However, that wasn’t the case. He was someone with much more value.

He was a jewel buried in the mud. Deciding to teach Shutra Divine Beast Authority was the best investment he had made in his life.

In-gong was a prince who didn’t belong to any of the three factions in the Demon King’s Palace.

Instead of hiding it, Chris announced his request clearly.

"Shutra, can you teach Caitlin and I Divine Sura Authority?”

A little more research was need but if Chris was right, Divine Sura Authority was definitely a development of Divine Beast Authority. It wouldn’t cause any trouble if they learnt it.

Chris’ eyes gleamed with hot ambition.

However, it was a request that couldn’t be accepted. It was unfortunate that the SS rank Divine Sura Authority couldn’t be passed onto the two people.

In-gong frowned with confusion as he said,

"I'm sorry, maybe because I didn’t do it consciously... I think it isn’t possible right now.”

His words were the truth. In-gong had yet to grasp Divine Sura Authority completely. He didn’t know how to teach the circuit that his aura travelled around. However, it wasn’t just that.

‘It needs to reach at least level five before I can teach it.’

Divine Sura Authority was currently level three. The points and proficiency needed for it to level up were enormous because the skill was SS ranked. Right now, it was impossible to raise it to level five.

Caitlin’s shoulders slumped sadly at In-gong’s answer. Chris stared straight into In-gong’s eyes and sighed.

“It doesn’t seem like a lie but for the creator to not be able to pass it on... it is ridiculous.”

At the end, he laughed and knocked against In-gong’s shoulder.

‘He is suspicious.’

Unlike Caitlin, Chris didn’t believe In-gong’s words. However, that was normal. If In-gong was in Chris’ position, he would show a similar behaviour.

'So, Caitlin is better.’

In-gong glanced toward Caitlin, who formed fists and declared.

“It is really amazing. I have to work even harder. I don’t want to fall behind.”

He could feel her sincerity and enthusiasm.

In-gong was also impressed that Caitlin wasn’t jealous of In-gong. Even though his aura had improved over two months, rather than feeling jealous, she looked towards improvement.

It wasn’t easy. This might be an innate aspect of Caitlin.

‘She is shining.’

It was serious and not a joke. Felicia thought the same.

"I can’t believe that I am even siblings with Caitlin.”

As she spoke, she stretched out both hands and grabbed Caitlin. Chris just sneered like it was nonsense,

"Is Noonim my sibling?”

Felicia ignored him and kept patting Caitlin’s head. In the end, Chris burst out laughing.

“Anyway... you are strong. Really. Don’t I have to worry, now?”

Chris still had far more pure aura. It was almost double In-gong’s. Yet In-gong had caught up to Caitlin after only two months. The nature of aura meant it wasn’t difficult to reach a certain level of accomplishments, but if Chris was careless, In-gong could catch up to him in an instant.

In-gong raised both hands and waved them.

“I still have a long way to go. I need to learn more about Divine Beast Authority.”

There were too many techniques that he hadn’t learnt yet. The whole reason why he confessed honestly was for the purpose of getting help from Caitlin and Chris.

Chris nodded slowly.

"I like that desire to improve. I may not be as good as the sword duke, but I will teach you.”

"I know.”

It was a warm sight between brothers. Felicia gazed at the both of them, then Caitlin opened her mouth,

"That reminds me, why are both of you here?”

"Well, there must be some reasons. Noonim and Shutra, what is going on? Don’t you have to return to the Demon King’s Palace after finishing your mission at Thunderdoom Fortress?”

Chris asked question after question. Felicia’s eyes narrowed and she shrugged as she replied,

"The sword duke introduced us to a friend of his."

Felicia exchanged glances with In-gong and he explained briefly to Chris and Caitlin about Amita.

"Hmm, I didn’t know there was such a craftsman in the area. They are definitely someone I want to meet once.”

Unlike Caitlin whose eyes flashed, Chris was pretty calm.

'Indeed, regardless of the name, they are the sword duke’s friend. Just think of them as an excellent craftsman.’

Moreover, the nature of the lycanthropes meant they didn’t really wear any armour. It was obvious that Chris would be less excited than In-gong.

However, Caitlin was courteous. She asked In-gong with curious eyes,

"Are you making black dragon leather?”

"If possible, I will ask them to make something for Noona.”

The materials were overflowing. The question was whether Amita would take an additional order.

“But I can’t promise anything.”

"Thank you for the thought.”

Caitlin laughed brightly again. Just looking at her face was enough to make In-gong feel refreshed. Felicia sat with In-gong to her left and Caitlin to her right, then asked Chris,

"Now, it is your turn. Why are the both of you here?”

Chris had deflected this question twice, so she was suspicious about the reason.

Caitlin looked at Chris with an embarrassed face and he sighed. Instead of lying, he answered honestly,

"I can tell Shutra, but it’s a little harder to tell Noonim.”

Felicia’s face stiffened momentarily, but she nodded. She could understand even if she was upset.

"Okay, then should I go out?”

Felicia’s question made Chris sigh again. He leaned back and spoke in a small voice,

"I can tell Noonim as long as you promise not to leak it anywhere.”

"Can you believe me?”

"I trust you now."

Felicia was satisfied despite not being trusted in the past. In fact, the relationship between Felicia, Chris and Caitlin had changed greatly since the Red Lightning tribe expedition.

“Okay, I’ll tell you, but you can’t tell your mother or Silvan.”

Chris believed Felicia’s verbal promise. She wasn’t the type of make a promise she wouldn’t keep.

Chris spoke slowly,

"A prisoner escaped. Caitlin and I are searching for the prisoner here.”

"Is it normal for the two of you to chase after a prisoner?”

“It isn’t normal. The prisoner was trapped in the lowest level of the Grey Tower.”

The Grey Tower was the lycanthrope prison where the worst prisoners were stored. There had been an event related to the prisoners in Knight Saga.

A prisoner trapped in the lowest level of the grey tower...

In-gong knew the prisoner’s name.

"Gerard Moonlight."

Chris said and Felicia’s eyes suddenly widened. She stood up and asked,

“Wait, Moonlight?”

That was the name of the lycanthrope royal family.

Caitlin shrugged and replied,

"Gerard Moonlight is my mother’s brother... We would call him uncle.”


"It has been 20 years since Gerard entered the Grey Tower. It was before Caitlin and I were born. It was even before Noonim was born.”

Chris explained in a rough tone. It seemed like he didn’t think of Gerard as a relative.

"Originally, he had been a mighty warrior that the lycanthropes were proud of. If he hadn’t gone crazy, he would have taken the throne instead of Mother.”

Gerard was the actual heir to the throne. Moreover, he had been an excellent warrior.

However, Felicia had never once heard of him.

“What on earth happened?”

"He became crazy about getting stronger. He couldn’t endure it when he hit a wall. Gerard wasn’t satisfied with Divine Beast Authority alone and started to reach for other means. I don’t have to tell you the ending, right?”

Chris’ face was quite tense. In-gong knew the evil of Gerard through Knight Saga and nodded.

"Gerard went completely crazy and it was a disaster. He was one of the members of the lycanthropes’ royal family and had received Divine Beast Authority. So, in order to subdue him, a great sacrifice was made.”

The death toll had been in the hundreds. Furthermore, the hundreds of people had not been ordinary soldiers. More than half of them had been powerhouses belonging to the lycanthropes’ royal guards.

"It was fortunate that everything was finished in the palace. There wasn’t any additional damage and... the lycanthropes didn’t know what was going on. The royal family erased all records of Gerard. Externally, it was declared that he had become sick and died.”

“But he was alive?”

Chris nodded at Felicia’s question.

"Mother couldn’t stand to kill him. Before he went crazy, he was her dear brother. So, she put him at the lowest level of the Grey Tower.”

Now, the worst lycanthrope had escaped from the Grey Tower.

Felicia shook her head and asked with a serious expression,

"Wait a minute, wait a minute. Isn’t this abnormal? Is it possible for us to stay here with you?”

Chris and Caitlin had come here to catch Gerard.

Chris waved his hands like he was trying to reassure Felicia.

“Rest assured. Gerard was the strongest warrior 20 years ago. It isn’t an exaggeration to say that he lost more than half his aura in the final battle. Moreover, the Grey Tower has been eating at him for 20 years, so he wouldn’t have recovered yet. The Grey Tower is such a place.’

Elaine Moonlight’s crazy brother... He didn’t get better despite medical care.

Caitlin grabbed Felicia’s hands and started talking.

"I received a report this morning. Uncle Gerard... No, Gerard had gone to the east.”

It was the exact opposite direction of this place.

Felicia sighed with relief, but In-gong couldn’t feel relieved so easily. He looked back at Chris and asked,

"Surely, he didn’t break out using his own power?”

In-gong knew about Gerard and the Grey Tower because there had been a related event in Knight Saga.

Breaking Gerard out in order to weaken the strength of the lycanthropes... It was an optional event that hadn’t been required, but the one behind it had been Zephyr. Did that mean Zephyr was involved in his event?

Chris’ eyes narrowed as he replied to In-gong’s question,

"I think he had some help. We are also investigating that.”

If Zephyr had truly intervened, then the story was becoming quite serious. Additionally, if it was really Zephyr, In-gong had to figure out why he moved much faster than he had in Knight Saga.

After Chris finishing telling the story, he alternated between looking at In-gong and Felicia.

"It happened 20 years ago and it is now a task inside the lycanthrope territory. It can’t be dismissed. We can’t turn a blind eye. I will finish this case with the power of the lycanthropes like they did 20 years ago.”

He was saying he didn’t want them to intervene, even if it was as a helping hand.

Felicia and In-gong exchanged glances and In-gong nodded.

Felicia declared,

"Okay, we were just passing by anyway. I hope that it is resolved well.”

“Thank you.”

Chris rose from his seat and cried out in a mock excited voice,

"The atmosphere is too heavy. Like I said, there is no need to worry. The strongest among the lycanthropes is right here. It will work out well. So, go eat and get a good night’s sleep.”

“Okay, then let’s go eat. I’m looking forward to it.”

Felicia responded with the same tone. Chris laughed at Felicia and clapped before calling out to those waiting outside. He treated In-gong and Felicia to a lavish meal.


The tent assigned to In-gong wasn’t very big, but there was a cozy and comfortable feeling thanks to the multiple layers of leather.

After doing a training set which included Telekinesis, Dwarf Characters, Dragon Characters and the newly learnt Divine Sura Authority, In-gong went to bed. He felt regretful leaving Caitlin and Chris, but he had to leave on the journey again tomorrow.

In-gong fell asleep, then he stood in darkness.

It was a familiar sight but different from before. There was only one person in the darkness, not four.


The golden-crowned female with white hair. Her one red eye and one blue eye stared at In-gong.

In-gong approached her. He could sense her every time he took one step closer. It was evident that something was blooming in the darkness as it wrapped around her body.

It was the same face he had seen on the slab, but her expression was different. The white face didn’t have a cruel ruthlessness but was affectionate and kind. It was like Ainkel’s face in the illusion.

In-gong narrowed the distance and reached a few steps away from the white woman. He froze in place when the white woman smiled.

Conquest, one of the four people drawn on the slab... Maybe she was an existence that could match the elder dragons.

Who was she? Was she the one who brought In-gong to this world? Why was she showing herself in front of In-gong.

"Who are you?”

In-gong asked, but instead of answering, the white woman looked at him with eyes full of regret. She lifted her hand suddenly and pointed behind In-gong.

In-gong looked back reflexively. It wasn’t only because of the white woman’s hand gesture. He could feel it.

There was something located beyond the darkness.

It was a dark area that could be identified even in the darkness.

Both familiar and unfamiliar, In-gong had already felt this sensation once before.

At Thunderdoom Fortress, it had come from the blue aura released by the man with the spear.

This was different from then; it wasn’t ‘Death’.


The darkness fell apart the moment In-gong spoke, then the dark aura rose like wildfire.

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