Chapter 75 - Chapter 12: Legend

Chapter 75 - Chapter 12: Legend

After leaving Thunderdoom Fortress, they moved along the mountain range, toward the northwest.

It wasn’t easy to find monsters, beasts or people in the forests near the lycanthrope territory.

On the third day of moving by carriage:

After finishing the camping arrangements, In-gong stood topless in the middle of a clearing. His special training was starting.

"Okay, here goes."

In-gong breathed quickly and cast a spell.

“Fire Arrow!”

A fire arrow emerged from his fingertips!

However, the direction it went in was strange. Instead of heading in front of him, the arrow aimed for In-gong’s chest. It was because In-gong had pointed to himself when he cast the spell.


The fire arrow exploded as it hit In-gong’s chest. He quickly prepared the next spell. This time it was a recovery spell.


He treated his chest with the white light around his right hand. The pain settled and there was a strange feeling of relief and pleasure around his chest.

...A newly developed masochistic tendency.

He attacked himself with magic and healed with recovery magic. It was a training method that raised Fire Arrow and Heal at the same time. However, that wasn’t the only effect.

‘Oh, it’s rising. My Magic Power Control skill is increasing. My durability stat has also risen a little bit!’

It was necessary to adjust the power so that he avoided a critical hit. Doing this continuously increased Magic Power Control.

This training raised the mastery of attack and recovery magic as well as the control of magic power. It was truly a fantastic training.

However, that didn’t mean there were no side effects.

"Tsu tsu... Doing it that way... it is a little perverted...”

‘Master is too scary. He keeps smiling after being hit. He seems to be enjoying it. I like Master, but this is slightly disgusting.’

Carack’s pitying eyes and Green Wind’s gloomy gaze struck his chest.

Moreover, it wasn’t just the two of them.

"It is the first time I’ve seen training like this.”

Felicia sighed with a face indicating that she had given up. She wanted to tell him to stop but didn’t think it was worth it.

Carack asked Felicia,

"Princess, is that really okay? What if he gets a deep-rooted illness?”

The human body wasn’t cast iron. If someone hit it ignorantly, it was more likely to break, than to strengthen.

In the Demon World, it was possible that some species existed that did such ignorant training.

However, Carack had some common sense. Right now, it might seem like the body was becoming stronger but the person would suffer when older.

Felicia sighed and shook her head at Carack’s worried question.

"Surprisingly, it is normal. As Shutra said, his magic skills are increasing. I think it is something that he learnt from Divine Sura Authority. Daphne, don’t you think so?”

"Yes, it really is amazing. 9th Prince’s body is extremely healthy.”

Two people with recovery magic were telling him this, so Carack couldn’t say anything.

Felicia sighed again.

"But looking at it is so strange that I find it hard to hold my tongue. He is lucky.”

"No one would believe me if I told them this.”

Daphne laughed awkwardly.

Felicia frowned and glanced at In-gong. The fire arrow was exploding again.


In-gong suddenly cried out with joy. It was because the level of Fire Arrow had risen.

However, the other people didn’t know about the skill level and just thought he was mad.

Karma clasped her hands together and prayed,

"Green Wind, please keep an eye on His Highness.”


Green Wind, who was the object of the prayer, looked at In-gong with an embarrassed face while Carack clicked his tongue. Instead of praying to Green Wind, he shouted at In-gong,

"Prince! It is time to eat! Eat moderately! You need to eat to live!”

In-gong nodded after hearing Carack’s call. Laughing pleasantly, he put on his top.

"This is our current location. So, tomorrow, we will arrive in the territory of the lycanthropes.”

After a simple meal, the group gathered around a map on the ground. The sky had darkened, but there was no inconvenience due to the light spirit that Daphne summoned.

Felicia gazed at where In-gong was pointing and laughed.

"It is still amazing every time I see it.”


"Right now, the stars haven’t risen yet. It is amazing that you can know our current location.”

In-gong’s map-related ability was enough to be called amazing. As the group stared at In-gong, he laughed awkwardly and said,

"I can’t explain it... I just know?”

He couldn’t say that he saw it on the mini-map.

Carack replied to In-gong with a serious expression,

“Well, this is why I hear that geniuses are unlucky.”

“That’s right, that’s right.”

"I agree."

Felicia and Daphne agreed in turn. At first, Carack’s behaviour seemed a bit rude, but they got along well now.

Rather than refute it, In-gong changed the topic.

“Anyway, we will be in the territory of the lycanthropes tomorrow. Are you excited?”

"My heart is pounding. I’ve never seen a lycanthrope.”

Karma exclaimed with shining eyes. Just like Green Wind, she had spent her whole life on the plains, so the journey itself was fun for her.

Felicia stared at Karma with warm eyes and said with a sorry expression,

"I'm sorry, but it’s better not to expect too much. Although we are entering the safe zone, it is only the outskirts. There are no important facilities around here.”

Meeting Amita was the top priority, so they had to take the shortest path. Like Felicia said, they were entering the lycanthrope territory, but it was only the outskirts. So, the probability of encountering a lycanthrope was low.

Karma seemed crestfallen until In-gong spoke,

"We will go to the lycanthrope palace when we return. We are going to use the transfer formation at the palace."

The transfer formations covered every part of the Demon World, but there weren’t transfer formations everywhere. Additionally, the number of formations linked to the Demon King’s Palace was limited.

Of course, that wasn’t the only reason why they planned to visit the lycanthrope palace.

“I am looking forward to going to the palace.”

Felicia said with a small smile. He didn’t know all the details yet, but Felicia was originally estranged from Chris. Thus, this was her first visit.

Carack laughed and asked In-gong,

"Prince, do you want to see 7th Prince and 8th Princess?”

"I do."

It wasn’t just flattery but true words. In particular, he wanted to see Caitlin.

Carack nodded.

"Hrmm, I want to see Seira. I don’t know her well, but... why is everyone looking like that?”

At that moment, the gazes of Delia, Daphne and Karma were unimaginable. Felicia laughed while In-gong raised his hand to Carack’s shoulder and said seriously,

"Carack, perhaps you are a protagonist as well?”

"What nonsense is that?”

In-gong didn’t bother explaining.


The next morning, the group of people were ready to resume their journey on the carriage. Felicia’s horses entered the realm of the lycanthropes but nothing changed. Just as before, it was just a grassland with no humanity.

However, that changed when it was time to enter the forest.


Their carriage was blocked by two lycanthropes. Karma, who was sitting next to Carack, lit up for a moment, but her shoulders soon slumped. It was because the lycanthropes didn’t look very different from humans.

Carack stopped the carriage and looked at the lycanthropes. Then the younger looking soldier shouted threats,

"This road is currently prohibited. Go back!”

A growl was mixed in with his voice, but Carack was calm.

"What's going on?”

"This is an official order from the lycanthrope royalty! So, go back!”

The growl was increasing in volume. Carack scratched his head and looked inside the carriage. In-gong exchanged glances with Felicia before she got off.

"This is the work of the lycanthrope royal family? Perhaps something big is happening?”

The young soldier sniffed at Felicia and stiffened. The older soldier observed Felicia quietly and she ordered,

"I am an officer of the crown. Open the path. I will take responsibility.”

The older soldier thought quickly.

The carriage with no coat of arms, the big orc driving the carriage and the only one sitting next to the orc was a satyr...

A female dark elf... Not only did her colourful clothes look expensive, her behaviour and tone were familiar. She had the appearance of a born noble.

There was no sense of wildness. It was obvious that she wasn’t an ordinary traveller.

However, the younger soldier wasn’t really thinking. He sneered at Felicia and shouted,

"This little bitch is an arrogant one! Don’t go overboard! Do you think that you are royalty?!”


"Good words... What?”

"I am.”

“You are?”


Felicia smiled as the young soldier started to sweat.


In-gong’s group followed the lycanthrope soldiers through the depths of the forest toward a clear lot where hundreds of tents were set up.

'Isn’t this nostalgic?’

He was reminded of the first time he had visited Cailtin’s camp. At that time, there had been yellow tents like this.

'Wait a minute, yellow tents?’

If In-gong’s memory was correct, the yellow tents definitely belonged to Caitlin. Then was Caitlin here right now?

In-gong turned to Felicia and she made a questioning expression. At that moment, he heard a welcome voice.


“Caitlin noona! Chris hyung!”

There was no doubt about it. Chris and Caitlin stood at the entrance of a yellow tent. Both of them seemed surprised by In-gong’s appearance.

In-gong ran to Chris and Caitlin with big steps and both of them opened their arms to welcome him. He hugged Caitlin once and saw Chris’ open arms, but In-gong stepped back instead of hugging him. Chris just chuckled and patted In-gong’s head.

The young soldier was staring at the reunion with a pale face, but no one was paying attention to him. It was because there were many people being ignored.

"Hey, aren’t I here as well?”

Felicia asked sharply, covering her mouth with a fan. Chris responded with an indifferent expression.

“Uh, Noonim?”

It was a deliberate mock response. Felicia’s eyes narrowed and Chris laughed. Caitlin got between the two people.


“Kyak! Hey, wait a minute. Wait a minute!”

Caitlin hugged Felicia tightly. Caitlin usually had a modest attitude in other places, but right now, this was the territory of the lycanthropes. Moreover, they were among those who knew what Caitlin was like.

While this was going on, Carack was warmly greeted by Seira under the glares of Delia, Karma and Daphne.

"Anyway, let’s go inside.”

Chris said, raising a hand to In-gong’s shoulder. Seira led Carack, Delia and the others over to the lycanthropes. In-gong and Felicia were the only ones who entered the tent.

Felicia flopped down on a chair made of tiger leather and asked,

"What are both of you doing here? Traffic is banned. Did a prisoner escape?”

It wasn’t strange that Chris and Caitlin were together, but the both of them being in this place was unusual.

Chris sat down opposite to Felicia and shrugged.

"Well, something like that. However, what are the two of you doing? I kept on hearing that Shutra’s turning the Demon King’s Palace upside down.”


Caitlin spoke shortly as she sat down next to Chris. Indeed, she had the original shining eyes.

Felicia laughed at the two of them and spoke while crossing her legs,

"Do you want to hear an even more surprising story? Isn’t that right, Shutra?”

All eyes turned to In-gong. In-gong faced a challenge as he stared at Caitlin’s and Chris’ curious expressions.

What should he tell them?

In-gong chose the most amazing topic to tell the two people.

“We met the sword duke.”

Even though it wasn’t the court gathering, exclamations burst out.

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