Chapter 72 - Chapter 11: Sword Duke #3

Chapter 72 - Chapter 11: Sword Duke #3

Aura was life force. A source of life that was connected with the soul and training life force which could allow the power of the soul to reach beyond its limits.

The sword duke stared at the warm light coming from In-gong’s unconscious body. His aura soared like fire and illuminated the surroundings.


The sword duke knew what was happening inside In-gong’s body. He noticed that the aura in front of him had some characteristics of soul power, despite the accomplishment being low.

It was unexpected. He had never imagined this would happen when he decided to teach Sura Heart Law.

“I’d like to take him to the sanctuary.”

However, he couldn’t. He was frustrated because In-gong was so amazing.

“There is no understanding. It isn’t done consciously... He did it unconsciously. It’s hard to tell if this can be called a talent or something else.”

He said in a voice full of admiration. Felicia, who had been listening by his side, grabbed the sword duke’s arm like she couldn’t bear it anymore.

“Sword Duke, what do you mean? Shutra is okay, right?”

The sword duke wasn’t angry despite being tugged. He patted Felicia’s head like he was comforting a small child.

"You don’t have to worry about Prince. Shall we just keep observing him? He’ll regain consciousness quickly. And about what happened... I just taught Prince how to use Sura Heart Law, the aura management technique.”

The sword duke spoke lightly but Felicia wasn’t listening. She ignored the sword duke’s hands still stroking her head and covered her mouth with both hands.

“Sura Heart Law!”

Felicia knew about the aura management method. It was the aura management method that Gallehed, strongest of the five captains, had learnt. It was particularly well-known among the suras.

Yet he had taught In-gong Sura Heart Law.

Felicia looked back at In-gong hurriedly while Carack, who had been listening to the conversation, grunted with admiration.

Karma noticed his reaction and asked Carack in a small voice,

“Carack, what is Sura Heart Law?”

"I don't know but based on Princess’ reaction, it seems to be great!”

The sword duke laughed at Carack’s answer.

"These are good friends. Prince seems to be good at finding them.”

Carack smiled at the praise. Karma responded to the sword duke with a small, timid smile.

In this situation, Felicia was the only one serious as she grabbed the sword duke’s hand again.

“You only taught him Sura Heart Law?”

If the sword duke only taught Sura Heart Law, then In-gong wouldn’t have this response. There was something more important.

The sword duke spoke without hiding anything,

"Prince has combined Sura Heart Law with Divine Beast Authority.”


"Two different aura management techniques have been combined. Based on Divine Beast Authority, a better aura management technique has been born.

He shrugged like it wasn’t that great.

Felicia fell into chaos again. Although she hadn’t learnt aura, her brother Silvan Doomblade had outstanding skills in aura. Therefore, she couldn’t easily accept the sword duke’s words.

Combining different aura management methods?

So soon after learning one of them?

It defied common sense, but she didn’t think that the sword duke was lying.

The sword duke spoke with a generous understanding.

"Even Prince doesn’t understand it. It took place unconsciously. So, it is interesting. Frankly speaking, it is fun. Aside from 2nd Prince, there is another monster.”

“Sword Duke.”

Felicia called out with mixed emotions. Rather than responding, the sword duke turned to In-gong and exclaimed with shining eyes,

“He seems to be waking up.”

The whirling aura around In-gong was now scattering. Focus started to appear in In-gong’s eyes.

"Prince, have you regained consciousness?”

In-gong nodded slowly in response to the sword duke’s question. He felt dizzy but it wasn’t enough to make him collapse.

In-gong covered his face with both hands and breathed deeply as he tried to understand what had happened.

Divine Beast Authority had evolved into Divine Sura Authority. He had acquired a SS rank technique.

There had only been one SS rank technique that appeared in Knight Saga and that had been Locke’s Warrior Sword.

However, it was different now. Divine Sura Authority had been added to the SS techniques and In-gong was the only one who knew Divine Sura Authority.

"Prince is more strange than I thought. I did well in coming here.”

The sword duke’s playful voice was heard from above him. In-gong removed his hands and faced the sword duke.

“Sword Duke.”

"I won’t ask. I also don’t need a description. My interest isn’t in the principles itself but the fact that Prince accomplished it.”

He answered and adjusted his posture to In-gong’s eye level. Then he asked,

“The name?”

He wondered about it. The sword duke already knew everything that had happened in In-gong’s body.

Therefore, In-gong replied truthfully instead of lying,

“Divine Sura Authority.”

"Divine Sura Authority... A simple but good name. I’ll look forward to your seeing your accomplishments grow. I’ll be watching.”

The sword duke finished with a strange smile before stepping backwards. Then Felicia came to In-gong like she had been waiting.

"Shutra, are you okay?”

Felicia’s eyes were red. In-gong laughed and nodded.

"Yes, I’m okay. Thank you for caring, Noona.”

“You are okay. It's a good thing.”

Felicia sighed with relief and Carack started to laugh heartily. Then the sword duke, who was watching, knocked against Felicia’s shoulder.

“Princess, there is something I wanted to ask you.”


"Yes. How familiar has 9th Prince and 6th Princess become?”


Felicia narrowed her eyes, but the sword duke asked again with a serious expression.

"I mean it. How close are the two of you?”

Felicia glanced back reflexively at In-gong with an unsure expression. She covered her face and replied hesitantly,

“Well... I don’t dislike him?”

Carack stared at Felicia incredulously while Karma held back her laughter. In-gong looked at Felicia’s reddening ears and said mischievously,

“Really? What if I really like Noona?”


Felicia’s face reddened. She made a helpless sound out of embarrassment.

The sword duke sighed,

"It is a bit strange to see such embarrassment, but it is good.”

Instead of replying, Felicia simply pouted. The sword duke continued speaking,

“6th Princess, I am telling you to protect 9th Prince. Keep today’s work a secret.”

It was clear what he was talking about.

It was the birth of Divine Sura Authority; In-gong had created a new aura management method.

“There is already quite a lot of interest in 9th Prince. There is no need to increase the gazes.”

Felicia nodded at the words. She was also aware of all the eyes on In-gong. The events at Thunderdoom Fortress would probably attract even more attention.

“You can tell 5th Prince. 7th Prince and 8th Princess are fine as well. They were the ones who taught him Divine Beast Authority.”

“I understand. I’ll do so.”

Once again, Felicia made a relieved smile as she turned towards In-gong. In-gong was also smiling back at Felicia.

"Okay, then it will be nice to take a break after that.”

The sword duke’s words relieved all the tension at once. Then Felicia recalled something and asked the sword duke,

“Ah, that reminds me. Where is the hole that you came down from? Can we bring an exploration team down here?”

Thunderdoom Fortress’ control room was in their hands, so they just needed to eat up the profit now. It was a good idea to bring an exploration team to conduct a full-scale investigation.

However, an unexpected reply came from the sword duke.

"It is possible, but do you really want to? There is no reason to do that.”


There was no reason to do that? What did this mean?

Felicia and In-gong looked at each other while the sword duke laughed.

"Is this your first time exploring ruins? If an expedition comes, you can’t swallow everything.”

“Uh... Sword Duke?”

Were they hearing properly right now?

In-gong had a bemused expression on his face while Felicia was in a stupor.

The sword duke clicked his tongue and continued to talk,

"You have suffered in a fortress of this magnitude, yet you want to give it to the Demon King’s Palace? You should take care of it properly. Anyway, the treasures will just go somewhere else after being received by the Demon King’s Palace. So, just call the expedition after you have collected everything. The Demon King did the same when he was a prince. Why shouldn’t Prince and Princess do this?”

He winked lightly at the end.

Now, In-gong started to feel disoriented.

However, the sword duke didn’t care about In-gong’s and Felicia’s reactions and pointed to a distant place.

"In particular, the body of that black dragon. Take it. It will be useful in many ways. It will be nice if it is broken down into three.

At that moment, something flashed in In-gong’s head. Felicia exclaimed,

"Wait, wait a minute. Into three?”

Dividing into three? Was that right?

"Payment for travel expenses. Isn’t that right?”

The sword duke said with a pleased grin while In-gong and Felicia had the same expression on their faces.


The sword duke took Carack and Karma to the body of the black dragon, Partizan. It was in order to disassemble Partizan’s body.

Rather than following the sword duke, In-gong grabbed Felicia’s hand.

"Noona, please wait as I have something to say.”

Felicia turned back to In-gong and nodded. Once the sword duke’s group was a sufficient distance away, she spoke first.

"Is it about the magic that puts things away in another space?”

As expected, she was a great magician. She had only seen it a few times in today’s battle, but she had already grasped the situation.

In-gong nodded slowly.

"That's right. It is about that.”

In-gong kept many of his skills a secret as much as possible..

His inventory ability was very convenient. Depending on the way it was used, it was a really powerful ability.

It was better if few people knew about these capabilities. Just like all secrets in the world, the ability of the inventory could only be exercised when kept secret.

However, In-gong decided to tell Felicia the secret of the inventory. He couldn’t keep sneaking items into his space forever. The ease of use of Earth Quaker and White Eagle were also included in his consideration.

Felicia was a reliable ally. It would be beneficial to disclose the secret of his inventory and it wouldn’t harm him.

Felicia glanced at In-gong. He was like an onion as he was always giving her new surprises.

"Did you learn it all of a sudden?”

"No, it is a magic that I inherently have.”

“Can you teach me?”

“I’m sorry, that is impossible. This isn’t the type of magic that can be taught.”

This wasn’t a lie. Felicia stared into In-gong’s eyes for a moment before nodding.

"Well, I understand. It hasn’t been a long time since we’ve become friends. I will keep it a secret.”

“Thank you.”

Felicia didn’t reply. She just approached In-gong closely.

"Excuse me, what is it?”

“Do Caitlin and Chris know?”

In-gong rolled his eyes while Felicia covered her face with a fan.

He refrained from laughing and answered,

“No, the two of them don’t know yet.”


Felicia’s voice was cheerful. She looked so cute that In-gong could barely hold back his laughter.

"Anyway, Noona. Should I reveal the magic to the sword duke?”

There were many items, not including the black dragon’s body. At first glance, it seemed like a special magic bag, but he wondered if such a lie would get past the sword duke. They had a good relationship, so he didn’t want to spoil it by lying.

After In-gong’s question, Felicia stared at the sword duke and shook her head.

“Will he even care?”

"I was thinking the same thing.”

They had only spent a short time together, but it was enough to understand the sword duke’s personality.

And a few minutes later, the sword duke responded exactly as expected.

“Use it comfortably. I also have a similar tool.”

That was the end. As they disassembled the body of the black dragon, the sword duke pointed to it and asked,

"Prince and Princess, what are you going to do with it?”

There was damage after it became a zombie dragon, but there were still many parts that could be used.

In-gong glanced at his Dragon Scale Greaves and replied,

"I going to use it in the smithy at the Demon King’s Palace.”


"Me too.”

It was natural. The most outstanding blacksmiths that In-gong and Felicia knew were at the Demon King’s Palace.

However, the sword duke looked displeased.

"Hmm, the blacksmiths are the Demon King’s Palace are very good, but such good materials are a waste for the Demon King’s Palace. So, why don’t you meet my friend?”

“Someone you know?”

Felicia’s eyes shone. The sword duke like the response and continued,

"Yes, my interest is deepening, so tell us.

Who is it?”

In-gong was also excited. A friend of the strongest swordsman, the Sword Duke. He didn’t know the name, but he was already looking forward to it.

The sword duke nodded.

"Wait a minute. It isn’t good to be too excited. Do Prince and Princess know the name Amita?”

Felicia nodded while neither Carack or Karma replied.

However, In-gong was different.

His eyes widened and he cried out,

“Amita! Amita Ignasia!”

Of course, he knew it. It was a name that he had to know.

The meeting with Amita had been a hidden event in Knight Saga!

Amita Ignasia...

The best blacksmith in the Demon World who handled the last flame!

The sword duke’s description followed.

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