Chapter 67 - Chapter 10: Breakthrough #5

Chapter 67 - Chapter 10: Breakthrough #5

TL Note: As some people said, the name is probably Ascalon instead of Askaron so I have changed it.

Thunderdoom Fortress hadn’t been the last fortress of the Dwarf Kingdom. Thus, the record of how Thunderdoom Fortress was destroyed and by whom was passed on to later generations.

Black Dragon Partizan.

He had been huge, greedy and wicked and had been the most active dragon in the war against the Dwarf Kingdom.

His strategy had been simple.

Knock against the fortress until it collapsed.

Partizan had gathered an enormous number of monsters and attacked Thunderdoom Fortress. According to the records of the Dwarf Kingdom, the number was close to 100,000- although there were a few who doubted the authenticity of this due to the distinctive dwarf bravado. Actually, it was commonly accepted among scholars that the number was closer to 20,000-30,000.

The Dwarf Kingdom’s strongest Fortress, Thunderdoom Fortress, blocked the first attack well.

However, there was a problem from then on.

The black dragon, Partizan, was a powerful warrior and magician. He was an outstanding necromancer and revived all the dead monsters for a second attempt.

To his surprise, Thunderdoom Fortress managed to endure this second attack as well. The undead swarming Thunderdoom Fortress were destroyed and couldn’t be resurrected again.

The dwarves had achieved two great victories but couldn’t rejoice. This was because Partizan’s third attack began, like everything before it had just been nonsense.

Partizan and his previous attacks had been enough to weaken Thunderdoom Fortress.

The outer wall of Thunderdoom Fortress collapsed. Partizan and his monsters penetrated the fortress where the dwarves had been ready for him. All the dwarves of Thunderdoom Fortress, both young and old, had been gathered in the central plaza with their weapons.

From the vanguard, Partizan, a dragon of the greatest species, slaughtered many dwarves like they were insects.

Then Partizan was killed. Maybe it was because his eyes were covered by excessive pride.

He’d had a showdown with Tiny Spark, one of the most powerful warriors in Thunderdoom Fortress and the strongest weapon pierced Partizan’s chest.

The dragon spear, Ascalon.

Among the Dwarf Kingdom’s series of dragon slayer weapons, it was the name of the one that led to Partizan’s death. Although the brave Tiny Spark was shattered by the magic Partizan used before his death, he had just burst into joyous laughter instead of pained screams.

Partizan died and his troops started an insane rampage after losing their master.

The dwarves were forced to abandon Thunderdoom Fortress. The small number of survivors left for other cities through the dwarf portal and Thunderdoom Fortress became a huge graveyard with the corpses of numerous dwarves and Partizan buried there.

"So, in the end, the spear piercing Partizan’s chest is called Ascalon?”


In-gong nodded slowly as he gazed at Partizan’s body on the screen. According to his estimates, the body was roughly 30 meters long. Although it wasn’t equivalent for an elder dragon that was several hundred metres long, he could be called a true ‘monster.’

There was something white and long stuck in the chest of the dead body. It was clearly the dragon spear, Ascalon, a masterpiece of the dragon slayer series.

Felicia narrowed her eyes and said,

"If they are fighting like that, their purpose might be Ascalon.”

He wasn’t sure. From the outset, there were many uncertain points about this attack. Just like In-gong, Felicia was unable to fight an answer as to why this attack had begun.

However, it was a possibility. Felicia spoke decisively.

“We obviously can’t give Ascalon to unidentified people. Not only did they kill general and soldiers of the Demon King’s Palace, they also aimed for our lives. We can’t let them achieve their purpose.”

Their number exceeded 100 people but In-gong didn’t care. From the beginning, it hadn’t been necessary to engage in an all-out war with them.

In-gong gazed at the dungeon guardians on the screen and asked,

“Noona, can you get control of the dungeon guardians?”

He couldn’t try it in Knight Saga but reality was different.

However, Felicia shook her head.

“It is hard. This situation is different from the Thunder Light Anvil. Currently, the highest ranked dungeon guardian... is the big dwarf golem over there. It seems like all the people who have authority over it are dead.”

Everyone’s gazes headed toward the huge golem that was in the centre of the screen. It was six times the height of an ordinary dwarf and was made of a silver metal. It was leading the fight with a hammer in one hand and a shield in the other.

As Felicia said, if all those with the authority over it had died, then she wouldn’t be able to control the guardian even if she used the control room.

Daphne had already fainted, so there was no reaction from her, but Karma’s expression darkened.

Felicia smiled at Karma before looking back at In-gong.

"There is an idea we can consider. It would be good to jump in at the appropriate moment.”

The best case was if the dungeon guardians and the third party were destroyed at the end of the battle. It was the best scenario if they could get rid of the survivors and acquire the remains of Thunderdoom Fortress, including Ascalon.

The dungeon guardians wouldn’t stop fighting until the people were destroyed.

However, it seemed like those people were likely to win when looking at the immediately situation.

“Shutra, what do you think?”

At Felicia’s question, In-gong looked back at the highest ranked guardian on the screen. It was the last boss of Thunderdoom Fortress in Knight Saga, but this time, he didn’t have to fight it.

"I’ll get some insurance first.”



In-gong lifted his left arm that was equipped with White Eagle.


The battle between the guardians and the third party was really intense.

The dungeon guardians were intense and fearless despite the past, in which the dragons had left them with one tenth of their original number.

The highest ranked guardian wielded a hammer that shot out thunderbolts while the gargoyle guardians fired a powerful energy mass.

The third party wasn’t just standing there helplessly. Unlike the ones who had attacked In-gong, these people had real power. There were some big ogre-like people and some who used magic.

The surprising thing was that they had some dungeon monsters native to Thunderdoom Fortress under their control. Those people obviously had certain artifacts that could control powerful monsters.

It was a splendid and spectacular fight. The battlefield had been ruined by hundreds of years of fighting and the remains of the dwarves added a solemn and desolate air to it.

However, In-gong’s party focused on something other than the fight.

In-gong was currently hiding in a corner of the central plaza. Delia remained in the control room with Daphne while Felicia, Carack and Karma had come with In-gong.

In-gong took deep breaths before looking at his companions. Felicia sighed like it couldn’t be helped and knocked against In-gong’s shoulder lightly.

“It is really reckless. This might be obvious but be careful.”

“Don’t worry.”

In-gong replied with a laugh then looked at Karma when she spoke.

"I wish Your Highness luck.”

"Come back safely.”

Carack was as blunt as always, but that bluntness made In-gong feel comfortable this time.

“I’ll be right back.”

In-gong responded lightly before using Protection of the Wind. Right now, what he needed weren't explosive movements but agile and quiet ones.

In-gong looked at the mini-map and divided the battlefield in two.

One was the battleground where the dungeon guardians and the third party were together.

The other was where the dungeon guardians were behind the black dragon, Partizan.

In-gong’s destination was the body of Partizan.

'I have to take Ascalon.’

The most important purpose of attacking Thunderdoom Fortress was to secure Ascalon.

If he could secure Arkaroola, he could take advantage of the flow of the battlefield.

If the dungeon guardians won, he wouldn’t have to fight. If the third party won, he would wipe out the remnants. If the third party won by a narrow margin, he would fight. However, if that didn’t happen, he could just withdraw. At the very least, he could make them seem like dogs chasing after chickens.

In-gong moved his body quickly. The sound of the highest ranked guardian’s thunderbolts covered any sound In-gong made.

In-gong zigzagged and took cover as he advanced until he eventually reached Partizan’s body. Involuntarily, he swallowed his saliva.

Not only was he enormous, the colour of Partizan’s body was so vivid that it didn’t seem like he died hundreds of years ago. He seemed like he was alive and moving.

Obviously, he couldn’t be compared to an elder dragon who had the grandeur of a mountain. However, he discovered why the word ‘dragon’ could cause fear.

In-gong calmed his heart and climbed aboard Partizan’s body. As he arrived at the chest area, he found the top of Ascalon.

Ascalon wasn’t a simple spear. Rather, the end was closer to a ballista arrow or a giant lance.

In-gong grabbed the handle of Ascalon without thinking.

Simple muscle strength was needed. Instead of invoking Dragon Blood which could potentially stimulate Ascalon, In-gong gritted his teeth and concentrated his aura on both arms. He also invested some additional points into strength.

There was the sound of thunder. The screams of the third party shook the central plaza. Among all the noise, In-gong swallowed a groan. At least, the spear was lifted and Ascalon started to show its appearance.

A white spear. Despite being embedded in the body of a dragon for a long time, it had maintained its pristine beauty.

There were complex golden patterns carved on it. It was a spell to attack a dragon, the core of the dragon slayer series.

In-gong grabbed the spear length instead of the handle and pulled using the last of his strength. He liberated Ascalon from the body of Partizan.

Felicia and Karma exclaimed breathlessly while Carack looked at the battlefield with nervous eyes.


[A masterpiece of the Dragon Slayer series]

[A huge spear that destroyed the heart of the black dragon Partizan. It contains all the grudges and anger of the dwarves of Thunderdoom Fortress.

Instead of looking at the options, In-gong hurriedly moved from Partizan’s chest. It was because he sensed an abnormality when Ascalon was pulled out.


In-gong remained silent as Green Wind shouted loudly. Instead of answering, In-gong placed Ascalon in the inventory. He would worry about making excuses to Felicia later. The important thing was acquiring Ascalon safely.


The sound wasn’t due to the highest ranked guardian’s thunder. It was coming from the black dragon, Partizan. Partizan’s body, which had been preserved for hundreds of years, was finally liberated. The flesh faded and the bones weakened like it suddenly experienced hundreds of years. Partizan’s body crumpled with a roar and the gaze of everyone on the battlefield turned toward In-gong.

The highest ranked dungeon guardian panicked. No, it fell into confusion. Partizan’s body had collapsed and Ascalon disappeared. So, what should it do now?

The answer was fixed. The highest ranked dungeon guardian thought simply instead of making it too complicated. It started hammering at any intruders in front of it, but its target was more the third party who were nearby than In-gong.

The reaction of the third party was somewhat different.

Some of them shouted frantically while others pierced through the gaps in the defences, caused by the highest ranked guardian going crazy. Those who escaped the battlefield rushed toward In-gong.

In-gong decided quickly. He didn’t know that Partizan’s body would collapse in that way. If he had known, he would have planned something else.

Anyhow, the water had already been spilled and it wasn’t a bad situation. Ascalon was secured and the dungeon guardians’ priority were the third party. Moreover, some of the people were lured over, so he didn’t need to head over to the main battlefield which involved the dungeon guardians and 3rd party.

“Greenie! Continue the operation!” (TL: In-gong actually calls out the first syllable of both parts of her name, aka Gre Wi, so I just made up a nickname for it,)

‘That nickname is too much! My name is Green Wind!’

Green Wind protested but followed In-gong’s orders faithfully. White Eagle spread out its metal plates like wings and flew near In-gong’s feet. In-gong climbed aboard White Eagle and felt like he was riding a skateboard.


'Heavy! Master!’

Green Wind whined again but she still followed the commands faithfully. White Eagle flew toward the ceiling while carrying In-gong.

The enemies arrived too late and threw arrows or weapons at him, but it was useless. White Eagle moved effortlessly when it encountered a barrier or avoided any attacks.

Felicia and Karma were bewildered by the unexpected sight while Carack shouted. It was a warning, not in admiration.

"Prince! Watch out! Those guys are doing something!”

In-gong looked back. Not all of the enemies were chasing In-gong.

A few of them were standing in the wreckage of Partizan. They stabbed the chests of the dead, causing blood to flow toward a large gem that they were standing around.

In-gong felt something ominous, but their behaviour was faster. Those guys stabbed themselves in the heart with the end of the gem. At that moment, a blue aura exploded and covered Partizan’s entire body.


The roar shook all of them. The highest rated guardian stopped fighting while the third party felt a mix of horror and joy.

Partizan's body stood up. The dragon was resurrected. He had lost all his supreme intelligence and magic powers, but he was still a mighty monster.

Zombie dragon.

The blue energy covering Partizan’s body turned purple.

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